Devold W's Running Zip Neck - Merino Wool & Tencel Anthracite Shirt
Devold W's Running Zip Neck - Merino Wool & Tencel Cameo Shirt
Devold W's Running Zip Neck - Merino Wool & Tencel Cameo Shirt
Devold W's Running Zip Neck - Merino Wool & Tencel Cameo Shirt
Color: Anthracite
Size: M
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W's Running Zip Neck - Merino Wool & Tencel

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Devold W's Running Zip Neck - Merino Wool

Devold® Running are the ultimate training garments regardless of intensity. They are fast-drying, super lightweight and breathable products made from Merino wool in combination with TENCEL™. TENCEL™ feels cooling on the body and both absorbs and wicks away moisture quickly. The material is also durable, lightweight and elastic. With moisture-wicking properties and strategically placed mesh panels, the products offer optimal comfort and good breathing properties from start to finish. Ergonomic design and seams placed with minimum friction provides very high freedom of movement and comfort. With a soft surface and wool's natural properties to prevent odour, this is the perfect choice for both active athletes and everyday exercisers alike.

Size & Fit:

  • Slim

Technical Specification: 

  • Weight: 130 g/m2
  • Material: 70% Wool (Merino) / 30% Tencel
  • Fiber: Superfine 17.5 mikron

What's sustainable:

  • Merino Wool from selected farms with sustainable and particularly environmentally friendly operations
  • Manufactured in Europe, Lithuania in own Devold Factory

About Devold

Merino Wool from selected sustainable farms

Devold has selected its partners carefully – the farming families with whom they work, just over a dozen of them, have developed the production of merino wool over generations. These farms operate extremely sustainable and particularly environmentally friendly operations and have abandoned any cruel practices they might have once pursued, such as mulesing. Devold's Merino farmers heed both what the herd and the soil tell them. They’ve come to realise that sheep that enjoy life grow better wool. Devold’s quest for merino wool of the highest quality, which meets all their requirements for sustainable wool production, starts from Argentina. From the Patagonian pampas Devold sources 100% organic merino wool from carefully selected farmers with healthy sheep who live freely on pastures where no pesticides or fertilisers have been used. With these same criteria Devold picks some of the wool from selected farms also in New Zealand and Australia.

Manufacturing in Europe, Lithuania

The organic merino wool travels from Patagonia to Devold's own factory in Europe Lithuania. Their uncompromising approach to work and the extreme focus on detail ensure that every Devold garment is of the highest quality. Accuracy. Precision. Control. At Devold’s eco-certified factory in Lithuania, they have control of every stage of the process. Devold’s production is not based on groundbreaking volumes. Instead, each woollen garment is woven, sewn and carefully checked by people who enjoy their work. Since its start, Devold has been the proud owner of its own factory. A few years ago they decided to buy, own and run a new, super-modern factory specially adapted to Devold's products and high-quality wool. They located the factory in Europe, even though many similar operations were being moved to Asia. This high-tech factory dating from 2015 is located in Lithuania. Why is this? “Because quality assurance is considered to be more reliable in Europe, and since Lithuania is located in the heart of the European market. Short distances and proximity to the head office in Norway make for more efficient logistics and communication,” says Tor Jonsson, the factory's general manager. Here, in the country's fifth-largest town, Panevezyz, 304 people are engaged in the many different stages of production and quality control of merino wool. Laboratory testing is performed of such characteristics as strength and fineness, whereby the wool is stretched, x-rayed, and scrutinised in multiple procedures.

Weekendbee guarantee

When you purchase a product from Weekendbee, you can be sure the choice is better for our planet. We support sustainably produced high quality products so that you can buy less and better.

Manufacturing in Europe, Lithuania

Merino Wool from selected sustainable farms

Mulesing-free merino wool

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Istuu kivasti ja miellyttävä päällä. Tosi ohut, mikä oli toiveenakin. Saa nähdä, onko kestävä ohuudesta huolimatta.

Milla Heikkinen
Miellyttävä materiaali

Kunnon testausta odottaessa. Mutta mukava materiaali ja todella ohut joten toimii treenissä varmasti hyvin.
Koko oli yllättävän iso. Normaalisti M on Devoldilta hyvä, tämä oli niin iso, että oli pakko vaihtaa S kokoon. Se on todella ihon myötäinen, mutta parempi tässä tapauksesssa. Toivottavasti kestää hyvänä kovassa käytössä.