About us

Hello and welcome from the founders of the Weekendbee!

We are an outdoor and sports-loving couple from Finland who are gradually trying to make better decisions for this planet. All started when we were looking for more ecological and sustainable options for multipurpose activewear to use on our  outdoor activities and sports. 


Jukka & Aissa on top of Haleakala volcano


Should be easy peasy but we ended up spending a lot of time researching different options, reading scientific articles and watching TED talks. Nobody has time for that if they just want to buy a new pair of yoga leggings without harmful chemicals.

So after some research (time that felt like years), we could find interesting small brands who make great efforts to produce sustainable but also great looking clothing for nature-loving active people like us. They were just a bit challenging to find, so no wonder people are not buying them in millions since there is really no other reason not to buy. Better, more sustainable products, competitive price, cool looking and great people behind the brands. Many good reasons to leave the “not to be mentioned here” brands to stores and choose better.


Aissa and Jukka the founders of Weekendbee


We ended up founding a company and building this web store (like we wouldn´t spend enough time together already). We want to make eco-friendly sportswear made with sustainable production methods more popular and preferred choice for consumers who are looking for safe, ecological and sustainable clothing for their activities. 

We need to buy less and better. That is why we founded Weekendbee.

Aissa & Jukka


What we do:

We work with sustainable brands, products, and services that we believe has a positive effect on this world. No greenwashing but real effort. With our backgrounds in marketing, content production, and e-commerce we find the best solutions to tell the stories promoting better choices for our planet.

Interested in working with us? Shoot us a message at info(at)weekendbee.com and we´ll get back to you soon. 

Check out our well-chosen sustainable productsor our video.


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