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Sustainability and taking care of our world can be seen in small actions and thoughts. How we think about consumption and products we use in our everyday lives matters. The most common bump on our sustainability lifestyle road is often time. We simply don’t have time to inspect the sustainability of every choice we make.
This is why we founded Weekendbee. When it comes to everyday outdoor and active wear, we want to make your choices easier. We promise to take care that you can wear comfortable, stylish and sustainable clothing in your favourite activities.

We do the research for you. When you purchase a product from Weekendbee, you can be sure the choice is better for our planet. We support high quality products so that you can buy less and better. And to take care of our world one order a time.

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We love spending time outdoors. We also love high quality outdoor clothing which brings us joy with great looks, design and functionality and lets us to focus on what matters - the time outside. But at the same time we believe they should be produced sustainably. Our earth is suffering because of our actions.
When we grew up in Finland, nature became a big part of our lives. We want to take care of it and help others to do the same. We founded Weekendbee so that everyone can make ethical, ecological, sustainable and good choices more easily.
All the brands we choose in our store has to follow our sustainability criteria. We are responsible for you, our customers, that all your choices are good!


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"Bees keep us alive, we want to pay back."

Without bees we would not exists. Albert Einstein has said that, if bees would disappear from our planet, we would have about four years to live. Only four years - it’s easy to say that bees are a crucial part of our planet. Without bees there would be no food to eat. Over two thirds of our food comes from plants that were pollinated by the bees and other pollinators. We need bees, but bees also need us to protect them. Weekendbee is protecting the bees by offering more ecological choices for the weekend warriors - we call them weekend bees!


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