About us

Weekendbee was founded in 2018 when the founders, Aissa & Jukka were fulfilling their dream of around the world adventure. While backpacking in the most amazing nature destinations of the world, they noticed how much Earth was suffering. The Great Barrier Reef was dying, coral reefs in Indonesia were filling with plastic trash, the glaciers in New Zealand were melting. 

Being enthusiastic outdoor people, Aissa & Jukka started looking for more sustainable options for their sportswear which they use every day.  Soon they noticed that it is possible to find sustainable sportswear but it takes time and effort to find them. So no wonder they were not so popular yet! This sparked the idea to found Weekendbee. To make it easy to find and purchase sustainable sportswear. 

Nowadays Weekendbee has grown to be a team of likeminded people who love the nature and are motivated to make this planet a better place to live for all of us. 


Weekendbee - name?

"Bees keep us alive, we want to pay back."

Without bees we would not exists. Albert Einstein has said that, if bees would disappear from our planet, we would have about four years to live. Without bees there would be no food to eat. Over two thirds of our food comes from plants that were pollinated by the bees and other pollinators. We need bees, but bees also need us to protect them.

Weekendbee is protecting the bees by offering more ecological choices for the weekend warriors - we call them weekend bees!


Weekendbee brand


Our fundament is that we work with brands that have sustainability as their core value. This means that the brand lives and breathes the mission to make its products, manufacturing, and operations as sustainable as possible. 

Read more about our sustainability criteria. We at Weekendbee want to ensure that all our products are sustainable choices, so it's an easy choice for you since it's all good!

We promise

We do the research for you. When you purchase a product from Weekendbee, you can be sure the choice is better for our planet. We support high quality products so that you can buy less and better. And to take care of our world one order a time.