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Our sustainability criteria

During fall 2021 we have updated the sustainability criteria we use to choose brands for Weekendbee.

Based on this set of criteria we have conducted an extensive sustainability questionnaire to all the brands we represent.

The questionnaire includes questions regarding:

  • Product materials
  • Used chemicals
  • Packaging
  • Product lifecycle
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • Climate actions

During the following months this updated sustainability information will be available on each product page on our site. Also, you will be finding the full sustainability survey from each from this page. The work is still in progress so bear with us.

Our goal is to push the brands to continuously improve their sustainability by showing what good they are already doing and where they can improve.

Our fundament is that we work with brands that have sustainability as their core value. This means that the brand lives and breathes the mission to make its products, manufacturing, and operations as sustainable as possible. 

We at Weekendbee want to ensure that all our products are sustainable choices, so it's an easy choice for you since it's all good!