Marisa's top 5 Weekendbee products

Marisa's top 5 Weekendbee products

Heya! This is Marisa writing. I've been working at Weekendbee for over 2 years now and I'm handling the daily customer service and work as a purchase coordinator. I also do some of the social media posts for us and the newsletters are also my handwriting. In the two years I've been working at Weekendbee, and even before that, I've been actively using the products we sell in my hobbies and free time, and today I'm here to tell you my top 5 favourite products from our collection!

This is me on a Weekendbee trip in Nuuksio!

I like to wear sportswear basically all the time and I also have a lot of different hobbies like trail running, bouldering, yoga, kayaking, skiing and ice swimming. 🧘‍♀️🧗‍♀️🚣‍♀️🏃‍♀️

I also love being in the nature and go for daily walks in the local woods. On longer holidays, I like to head towards Norway, where I get to spend time in the mountains and conquer them. This is why I want my clothing to be adaptable to different sports and of course to be durable and functional in the varied weather conditions here in Finland.

I will also tell you about the size of the products I use and how I feel the fit corresponds to their size, so that this will also help you to choose the right size. My size is generally a size S, although sometimes I may wear a size M in the bottoms.

So here are my top 5 favourite products and how I use them in my everyday life!

1. Patagonia Nano Puff

The Patagonia Nano puff jacket is probably the most used jacket I own. In Finland, you can actually wear it almost all year round. I use it as a break jacket on hikes, trekking and bouldering, as a mid-layer under a shell jacket in colder weather and as a casual jacket in my free time.
I also use it almost every day in autumn and spring and it has also worked as a great pillow on longer overnight hikes. 😅

I like that the jacket packs in a small space, is light to wear and keeps the wind at bay. Size S is perfect for me and it still has room to move and a thinner layers can fit under it. A size M jacket would also suit me if I wanted the jacket to be a little oversize. If the jacket is going to be more of a mid-layer, I would recommend getting a regular size and a hoodless version.

Here is me and my Nano Puff in the evening sun on the fells of Lapland.

2. Patagonia Cap Cool shirts

Patagonia's Cap Cool shirts are also one of my personal favourites. I wear them outdoors, on hikes, running, climbing and also occasionally for leisure. They work great in slightly warmer weather from late spring to early fall. They take up little space when packed and don't weigh much. Plus, they dry really quickly after a hike and don't start to smell after every active day. These are the kind of basic shirts you want to wear for every activity!

Cap cool shirts are quite fitted and I wear a size S which I think is a good fit. The sleeves are snug but there is a nice little looseness around the body.

Here is me and my Cap Cool Daily shirt on top of the Store Blåmann (Norway):

3. Népra Terra 2 tights

My trusted bouldering tights fell apart over a year ago and I struggled for a long time after that to find new ones that would be able to handle the rough walls of the bouldering halls. I decided to test the famous Terra tights from the Finnish company Népra because if they can handle Crossfit workouts, I thought they could handle climbing as well.

And I can tell you that I made the right choice. There are still no holes in the surface of the tights even though they have been through a lot of use and have taken a lot of hits from the walls. On top of that, the Terra tights have the world's best system at the waist which means you don't have to lift the tights up all the time. These tights also work for running and other types of high tempo training.

The tights are a snug material and for me, the S size was the perfect fit and I can say that after more than a year of use, they are still as snug and fitting as they were in the beginning.

Here's me and my Terra tights at the local climbing gym.

4. Patagonia Caliza Rock pants

Indoors, I like to climb in tights, but for some reason, when climbing shifts outside in the spring, I want to wear slightly different, looser pants. Maybe because in the spring it's good to fit a merino wool layer under the pants as well.

That's when I dig out my all time favorite pants, Patagonia's Caliza Rock pants. Or actually, I don't even need to dig them because I also wear these pants almost every day. If I had to choose one pair of pants to wear for the rest of my life, they would be these!

I normally use these pants in my free time, when I'm out in the woods and of course climbing. They have a super comfy elasticated waistband and are a great stretchy material. In these, the size classification goes a little differently and size 6 has been just right for me.

Here's me with Caliza Rock Pants on a snowy spring bouldering session!

5. Hydro Flask bottles

A bottle that can't be praised enough! This water bottle that functions as a thermos flask is simply the best of all bottles. This bottle goes with me pretty much everywhere and I even use it even when I'm working from home.
It keeps my drinking water lukewarm in the winter and it doesn't freeze even in freezing temperatures. It's also a great bottle to take, for example, warm tea water with you on winter trips. In summer, it also keeps the water fresh and cold.

Here is my Hydro Flask at Altas Canyon (Norway):

Plus! Girlfriend Collective Tommy Bra

One more product that is really worth mentioning is Girlfriend Collective's Tommy Bra. I wear these basically every day and I thinks they are the best bra ever! I use them myself for leisure as well as sports, even the more active ones like running. Tommy Bra's straight shoulder straps don't squeeze your shoulders and they're just super comfortable on you. I wear a size S and that is just perfect. I have also noticed that after several years of active use, they can get a little loose, but I think this is normal as I wear them every day 😅

So that was my top 5 plus 1 products from our collection, please send us a message if we can help you find your top favourites! You can always email us at and I'll be there to answer your messages! Hope to hear from you soon!

Sunny regards,