How to take care of your wool clothing?

How to take care of your wool clothing?

Winter is the best season for wool clothing and as a material it insulates well and absorbs moisture. We encourage you to take good care of your warm wool clothing so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. When cared for properly, wool is a very long-lasting and functional garment, both outdoors and in everyday life.

Take a look at our best care tips and treat your woollen garments now during their busiest season of use! These tips work great for regular lambswool, as well as merino wool.

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Wool is a dirt-repellent material, so it does not need to be washed often. You can freshen your garment by airing or steaming it.

  • Freshen wool garments primarily by airing them
  • Clean stains locally
  • When the garment needs washing, wash the garment according to the instructions on the label, either by hand or on a gentle programme
  • Use a mild detergent made for wool


Almost all woollen knitwear will develop a lint at some point in its life, especially in places that are subject to heavy rubbing. This can be prevented by brushing and can be easily removed with a lint cutter.

  • Use a lint brush or a lint cutter to remove lint from wool garments
  • Prevent lint by brushing with a gentle clothing brush
  • After brushing and lint removal, it is a good idea to finish the woolen garment by steaming

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  • Store your wool garment in an airy, dry place and away from pests
  • Thin knitwear will keep well on a hanger during active use, but heavier knitwear should be folded on a shelf to prevent the fabric from stretching
  • For longer-term storage, woollen garments should be folded to avoid stretching

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