Sustainable cycling gear and clothing!

Sustainable cycling gear and clothing!

When starting a cycling hobby or taking an occasional bike ride, you may often wonder "What to wear on a bike ride?" The answer is simple - it depends on the type of cycling you do, the time of year and the weather. The easiest way to go on a bike ride is to wear ordinary clothes and equipment, but if you're more into cycling, it's a good idea to invest in good quality and a functional cycling clothing.

In this blog post, we'll help you choose the cycling clothing that's right for you. Whether your cycling is commuting or more energetic mountain biking, you'll find sustainably made gear for your adventures at Weekendbee.

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Why choose cycling clothes instead of normal clothes?

Many people may wonder why they need to buy cycling clothes separately when they could just wear normal clothes. This is perfectly fine but if you are going to be spending a lot of time on your bike there are many advantages to wearing clothing designed for cycling.

  1. Fit. When you think of yourself on a bike, you're in a posture that you rarely spend time in, so the clothes need to have slightly different fitting. For example, when you're sitting in the saddle and leaning forward, it's important that the tops have long enough sleeves and the back is long enough to protect your entire lower back. It's also good for trousers, for example, to rise high enough at the back. This has been taken into account in cycling clothing.
  2. Movement. Clothing designed for cycling gives you the full freedom of movement needed for cycling, meaning your feet can ride the bike in an optimal way, without the clothing pinching or blocking movement.
  3. Breathability and wicking. Clothing designed for cycling is designed to breathe well and allow body moisture to evaporate from the fabric. This improves cycling comfort, and keeps you nice and comfy even when the route hits bigger hills. Cycling jackets that are waterproof have also often been designed with breathability in mind, adding vents in the armpits, for example, to let warm, moist air out.
  4. Padding. One thing that many people think of when they think of cycling clothing is the padding that comes with cycling shorts. Padding is not to everyone's taste, but it was invented for a reason. The padding increases shock absorption and this helps on long bike rides. Padded pants also play an important role in preventing chafing.
  5. Efficiency. Clothes designed for cycling help you pedal faster because they're designed to fit snugly and not flap in the wind. If speed is not important to you, the benefits of efficiency will also improve cycling safety. Tight-fitting clothing designed for cycling is designed so that no flaps, cords or other extra parts get caught between the spokes when cycling.

Cycling shirts & jackets

The right shirt or jacket for cycling varies depending on the purpose and the weather. For warmer weather, a good long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt in technical material or merino wool will do. Make sure that the shirt also protects you from the sun, for example on your shoulders.

If you cycle a lot, it's a good idea to have a lightweight jacket that is windproof and possibly waterproof, and long enough, especially on the back. Also a good shell jacket brings extra comfort to your commute and keeps you dry when you're cycling.

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Cycling pants and bike shorts

The choice of cycling shorts should be based on your own cycling needs. If you spend longer periods of time on the bike and cycle longer distances, we recommend investing in a good pair of cycling pants or liners with a seat pad.

If there is no need for any padding, it is important to find trousers that are comfortable, allow full movement and are narrow enough that the pants don't get in the way of cycling.

For commuting, we also strongly recommend cycling shell pants, as the roads can be muddy in rainy weather!

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Bar bags and backpacks

Depending on your cycling trip, you'll find a wide variety of bags and backpacks in our range. If you need to carry more stuff, you should choose bags that can be attached to the bike to distribute the weight more evenly.

On commuting and day trips, you can also easily manage with a good backpack suitable for cycling. Water repellency is also a good feature to keep everything you need dry if you're cycling in rainy weather!

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But the most important thing about cycling is that it's fun and safe, so be sure to wear a helmet on your adventures! Happy cycling.