DHL return instructions

The product was not a good match for you? No problem - we have a 14 day return policy. 

Please attach the return label(s) found in your package and fix it to each piece of your shipment. You can take a picture of your return label to save the tracking code which is printed in the label. 

Return the package to the nearest DHL package service point, you can find here:

In France, Relai Colis accepts DHL Freight returns. 

Returns are in general made with a DHL Freight return label, so please note that the return point accepts DHL Freight returns. 

In some countries you can also return the item via a post office, but make sure that the return point accepts these DHL Freight deliveries and remember to ask for a return receipt for yourself. 

Keep the receipt of the return until you have received the refund.

After the shipment you can track the return shipment status via:

In case you have any queries do not hesitate to contact DHL Customer service centre at