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Sustainability is part of Devold's DNA. At Sunnmøre, Norway, Devold's founder, Ole Andreas Devold, was more than just a savvy businessman. He built up a community. Throughout our history, Devold has focused on doing a proper job running our company. That’s why we’re providing our customers with full insight into our value chain.

Devold's all production is done in Devold's own factory in Lithuania, Europe. Devold likes to keep their production transparent like an open book: each garment has its own story that you can trace all the way back to the sheep that produced the wool. We take you on a journey from sheep grazing on large swathes of land to our own Oeko-Tex-certified factory in Europe, where our garments are knitted by the happy people working for us. The next chapter will take you to the Sunnmøre Alps and the region’s harsh weather conditions: this is where we test our garments to ensure that they are of such high quality that they can keep you warm on all your adventures, regardless of the weather. Our continuing story is going to be one that you write – Devold’s clothes won’t only keep you warm, you’ll also be able to wear them in good conscience.

Devold will create top-quality woolens that are about more than just design, fit, and technical properties – clothes that are also in sync with your values. Garments that can be worn in good conscience.

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