How do we choose the sustainable brands and products we work with?

Our fundament is that we work with brands that have sustainability as their core value. This means that the brand lives and breathes the mission to make their products, manufacturing, and operations as sustainable as possible. 

Unfortunately, sustainability does not have simple and straightforward labels that we could use to communicate ecological materials, ethical production or corporate responsibility. Like in the food industry there are some labels like organic production, fair trade, locally produced and other things that give us an indication of the sustainable product. In the end, it is the responsibility of the consumer to choose the method of sustainability they want to support. Read more about sustainability in the sportswear industry here

We at Weekendbee want to ensure that all our products are sustainable choices, so it´s an easy choice for you since it´s all good! See our full collection of sustainable sportswear items here

Our key metrics how we choose sustainable brands and products:

  • The brand has sustainability as their core value
  • The brand communicates openly about their manufacturing locations, how they ensure ethical production methods and eco-friendly production (These can be communicated through for example FairTrade or bluesign labels, but not all brands can afford to have these certifications).
  • Products are high-quality design with multiuse and long life as core values
  • Products are high-quality in terms of production and materials to ensure as long life as possible
  • Used materials are eco-friendly and sustainable (this can mean e.g. organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, recycled wool, hemp, tencel etc.)
  • Zero policy on conventional cotton, PFC´s and non-ethical animal products