Weekendbee Sustainability

Our Sustainability Criteria

All products sold on the Weekendbee online shop are manufactured under controlled conditions, making their production as ecological and ethical as possible. Our sustainability criteria emphasise transparency, concrete actions and continuous improvement.

Our Own Sustainability

For us at Weekendbee, sustainability means that in everything we do, we always try to find a way to act as ecologically and ethically as possible. For more information on the sustainability of our own operations, see our latest sustainability report.
Making sustainable sportswear easy

We strive to serve our customers as well as if you were shopping in a bricks-and-mortar store. With good customer service, we help you find just the right products to avoid wasted purchases and extra product returns that harm our environment.

Our customer service is here to help you!

Customer Service
Code of Conduct

The cornerstones of Weekendbee's Code of Conduct are Our People, Our Business and Our Responsibility.

Weekendbee operates in a fast-growing business environment, where challenges are posed both by ever-changing areas of responsible business and by multi-stage production chains.

Code of Conduct
Care instructions

Proper care of clothing is important, as following care instructions can extend the life of clothing and thus increase its ecological performance. We provide tips on the care and maintenance of sports and outdoor clothing and sell care products for sportswear clothing.

Each type of material requires its own care instructions, but even following general guidelines can go a long way.

Care Instructions