Mari's Top 5 Weekendbee products

Mari's Top 5 Weekendbee products

Hehey folks! It's Mari here, and I'm about to share you some of my favourite products from our collection. I've been working at Weekendbee almost three years now, and I handle the product creation and co-operation with our warehouse among other things. So when there are lots of new arrivals in our store, you know I've been busy!

I love spending time in nature, whether it's sailing, hiking, foraging, snowshoeing or just admiring nature's beauty. I live outside of the conurbation, so nature starts from my door, and there is plenty to do to be able to live here. Chopping woods, carrying water etc so that's my gym.

This is me in Weekendbee's summer day enjoying of the Baltic Sea.

I dress very casually, the functionality and comfortability are the most important things to me when buying clothes. I want my clothes and gear to last long and be timeless, as I use them until they totally wear out.

These are my Top 5 products, and on the next photo you'll actually see three of them!

Mari's favourite products

1. Houdini Shelter Anorak Shell Jacket

If I had to choose one jacket to use for the rest of my life, this would be it. The Shelter Anorak is water- and windproof but still very soft, light and comfortable to wear. It packs down small, so it's easy to grab along where ever you go.

The model of the Shelter Anorak is very minimalistic, it has a big helmet-compatible hood, a kangaroo pocket and a zipper on the side. It's my go-to jacket on all outdoor sports when there's a chance of rain, but I wear it also almost daily when going to grocery store or doing other errands.

I wear the size M and it's roomy enough to wear warm sweater or light winter jacket like the Nano Puff under it.

2. Patagonia Pack Out Hike Tights

I just love Pack Out Hike Tights and I use them almost everywhere. The tights are very flexible and the breathable fabric in knees and tights make them good for longer walks or hikes. I wouldn't use them for running, as the main material is quite thick and soft. The pockets are roomy enough to hold my phone, keys and cards, so I don't need any handbag when wearing these.

The sizing of the tights is quite roomy and the material flexible, so you can most likely take one size smaller than what you wear usually. I actually have two of the tights, one in size M and one in size L. I wear the size M on warmer weather, and size L during the winter with merino long johns under them.

3. VEJA Condor 2 Alveomesh Running Shoes

Even though these are running shoes, I use the Condor 2s for walking almost everywhere else than in the woods. They are light and very comfortable, have a good grip and give enough support for jogs. I walk and run very heavily on my heels, so for longer runs I need more support on the sole. Condor 2s are very versatile and I also love the minimal style.

My normal shoe size is 38-39, my feet is 24,5 cm long, and I use size 39 on Condor 2s.

Veja condor 2 shoes

4. Aevor Trip Pack Proof Backpack

This is my favourite choice to pack my belongings when I travel semi-lightly. Aevor Trip Pack Proof can fit up to 33 litres, so you can pack all your necessities and some more with you. I use it on work trips, weekend getaways, when going shopping in the city or just one-night stays on friends. I think during the summer I could fit my necessities for over a week in this backpack, if I'd travel somewhere for that long.

aevor trip pack proof backpack

I like especially the opening system and the expandable rolltop. You can reach the inside of the bag from the rolltop opening but there's also a wrap-around 2-way zipper which opens the bag completely.

My version is waterproof, so I don't have to worry about the bag or my belongings getting wet or dirty, but there's also another version which is water-repellent and it has often more colorful models, check also the Trip Pack Backpack here!

5. North Outdoor Metso Sweater

When the weather gets a bit chilly, this is the first sweater I start to use when spending time outside. It's perfect to wear when doing the chores outside, it keeps you warm, but also breathes and regulates the body's temperature, so it's not too hot.

north outdoor metso shirt

From this shirt I have the size S as I wanted it to be snug and fit nicely under jackets, otherwise I would have chosen M. But size S is perfect for layering and also outdoor activities with short or long layer under it.

Plus 1! Girlfriend Collective Float Juliet Bra

If I had to put on wire bras again, I think I would scream. After starting to use the Float Juliet Bra, I really don't want to wear any other bra daily basis anymore. The fabric is so smooth and the model is very minimal, so it almost feels like I don't have any bras on. Except that it supports my boobs and makes me feel even more comfortable that way.

My size on Girlfriend Collective's products is normally L, but for these I use two sizes. L for light activities and XL for all-day use.

Here's a photo of my cat with two bras. (No animals were harmed during the photoshoot)