Népra's sustainability

We expect the brands we choose in our collection to meet our sustainability criteria. Our criteria consist of actions that consider the environment, social conditions, and climate. Here’s how Népra meets our criteria:


The brand uses environmentally preferred raw materials for more than 50% of its volume.

  • Over 50% of Népra’s items are made using recycled polyamide, plastic waste collected from oceans and landfills, or recycled polyester and cotton, materials made from post-consumer and industrial waste.

The brand has eliminated at least three suspect chemical groups from its entire production, such as Phthalates or Perfluorinated chemicals.

  • Népra doesn’t use any harmful chemicals in its production and complies with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® standards.

Brand reports what percentage of its consumer packaging materials are renewable or made from recycled materials. The brand implements concrete policies that have reduced the environmental impact of its packaging materials.

  • Népra uses recyclable and plastic-free packages.

The brand encourages the longevity of products by offering a lifetime guarantee, repair services, or supporting the return or re-use of garments.

  • Népra provides good guidelines to take care of their products with minimal environmental impact, and they encourage repairing them with sustainable solutions.

The brand supports environmental NGOs or other organizations to promote environmental sustainability.

  • Népra supports the John Nurminen Foundation. John Nurminen Foundation works to preserve the Baltic Sea and the reduction of eutrophication caused by a load of phosphorus and nitrogen.
  • The fabric's Népra uses comply with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® standards and REACH regulations

Social conditions:

Manufacturing of more than 70% of product volumes happens in low-risk countries, and the origin of the materials, design, and manufacturing is shared openly

  • Népra’s high-quality fabrics are manufactured in Italy. The sewing happens in a factory located in Tallinn, Estonia. Népra lazywear is manufactured by Finnish brand Pure Waste in a BSCI audited factory in India. And their socks, gym sacks, and reflectors are made in Finland.

The brand follows buying practices that enable living wages and good labor conditions, such as long-term relations with factories and concentrating production at a limited number of factories.

  • Népra has worked with the same factory since the beginning of 2015, and also their other partners are long-term.

Open list of direct suppliers that have collectively contributed to more than 90% of the purchase volume

  • Népra tells very openly about all their suppliers and has mentioned every partner they have.

The brand supports social NGO's or other organizations to promote social sustainability.

  • Népra supports the Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organization and a global movement that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. They work for more transparent textile industry and want to end human and environmental exploitation.

Népra doesn’t publicly commit to a living wage benchmark with defined wages per production region or factory. Still, as their factories are located in European Union, they comply with EU legislation.


Is at least 50% of the electricity used by the brand generated from renewable resources, such as wind or solar energy?

  • The fabric factory, most of the other factories, and Népra’s offices use renewable energy.

Népra hasn’t disclosed the annual absolute climate footprint of its ' operations' and accomplished an overall total climate footprint reduction compared to the result of the previous reporting year.

Népra’s history, values, and sustainability

Népra was founded in 2015 by two women who had the same vision. They wondered why there wasn’t any ethically made, sustainable, but reasonably priced quality activewear available for an active lifestyle. So they decided to start making ones!

Népra creates ethical activewear with a minimalistic and holistic mindset. They aim to create long-lasting, timeless, and perfect-fitting items, keep the production chain as short as possible, and be honest and transparent throughout the entire process.

Népra doesn’t want to create clothing at the cost of other beings or the environment, nor do they want to overcharge their customers, and they openly tell their cost structure. Népra wants to give back and educate, and they supported four charity foundations in 2021.

For The Long Run

We are an activewear brand that does good. And we are an activewear brand with bigger goals to aim for still. We are passionate about making activewear that stands the test of use and time and driving change in how we behave as consumers. Like the Népras you wear, we are here to stay.

Népra, its factories or fabrics have also met the criteria for these :

Italian Fabrics:

  • ISO 14001 Standard
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
  • Ökotex 100
  • Higg Index

Cotton: GOTS