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Posti return instructions

See below for instructions on how to make a Posti return from Finland. 

Return with a Posti Return Code

  • You can get a free return shipment by writing the following return code on the side of the parcel/telling the Posti employee: Posti return code 671598
  • You do not need separate address information for the return; the Posti employee will print the necessary shipping labels on the parcel using the return number
  • Take the return receipt for yourself, you will receive a message from us when we have processed the return.
  • You will find a tracking code on the receipt to track the progress of the parcel

Return with a Posti Helposti-code

  • You can return your parcels free of charge to any Posti ATM or Post Office point with the Helposti-code
  • Go to the Posti website: posti.fi/palautapaketti
  • Enter the delivery reference of your parcel in the text field, always capitalise the initials JJFI
  • Press "Apply" and you will receive the Helposti-Code and return instructions. If you are returning to a Smartpost machine with keypads in the trays, you will need to reserve an additional tray.
  • In the search field, enter the postcode in the area where you want to leave the return and press SEARCH. Select the appropriate Smartpost machine and enter your e-mail address
  • You will receive a one-time locker opening code for the Smartpost locker you reserved and instructions on how to use it.
  • Enter the Helposti-code you received from the Posti website on top of the parcel
  • If you are returning to a parcel machine, please follow the machine's instructions
  • If you need help with your return, please contact Post's customer service: https://www.posti.fi/fi/asiakastuki
  • You can track your parcel using the same tracking code that was used to receive it