North Outdoor's sustainability

We expect the brands we choose in our collection to meet our sustainability criteria. Our criteria consist of actions that take the environment, social conditions and climate into consideration. Here’s how North Outdoor meets our criteria:


Brand uses environmentally preferred raw materials for more than 70% of its volume.

  • Yes, the main raw material North Outdoor uses is mulesing free merino wool.

Brand reports on the implementation of its environmental policy related to the ‘wet processes’ within the production cycle, like bleaching and dyeing of raw materials

  • North Outdoor is using the merino yarns of Filivivi and Südwolle Group. Both manufacturers are working under REACH regulation.

Brand has eliminated at least three suspect chemical group, such as Phthalates or Perfluorinated Chemicals from its entire production

  • Yes, North Outdoor has the international OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 testing and certification system for all textiles. The certificate, issued by an independent research institute, guarantees that North Outdoor products do not contain substances harmful to health in contact with the skin.

Brand reports what percentage of its consumer packaging materials are renewable or made from recycled materials, and the brand implements concrete policies which have reduced the environmental impact of their packaging materials

  • North Outdoor uses paper and carton as packaging material. They have cut out nearly all plastic from the packaging materials.

Brand encourages the longevity of products by offering a lifetime guarantee, repair services or supporting the return or re-use of garments

  • North Outdoor offers a free of charge repair yarn for the products of Finland | nature collection home delivered.

Brand supports environmental NGO's or other organizations to promote environmental sustainability

  • North Outdoor is a member of amfori organization. With the help of the renewed BEPI platform they are able to follow and make environmental improvements through the supply chain.

Social conditions:

Fair social conditions are audited by third parties (For operations outside EU)

  • North Outdoor visits the factories in person 2-4 times a year. The visits are made by both Finnish and local staff. Also the Chinese factories are audited by a third party. North Outdoor has also hired a local employee who is in constant contact with the Chinese factories. The aim of this is to strengthen cooperation and communication with the factories.

Origin of the materials, design and the manufacturing is shared openly

  • North Outdoor openly shares the country of manufacture of each of its products and all garments are designed in Finland. North Outdoor uses Australian merino wool that is guaranteed by the Woolmark certificate.

Brand is following buying practices that enable living wages and good labour conditions, such as long-term relations with factories, and concentrating production at a limited number of factories

  • North Outdoor has been a member of amfori BSCI since 2019. Amfori BSCI supports its member companies in their goal to promote ethics and social responsibility in their international sourcing and operations. The Code of Conduct addresses issues such as the prohibition of child labour and forced labour, occupational health and safety, safe working conditions, non-discrimination, environmental protection, special protection for young workers and the right of workers to organise and bargain.

Brand supports social NGOs or other organizations to promote social sustainability

  • North Outdoor supports Amfori BSCI (formerly known as the Business Social Compliance Initiative, BSCI) what is a global initiative that aims to improve working conditions in international supply chains.

Only North Outdoor's Finland | nature collection is made in Finnish factories. The rest of their products are made in China. With the help of BSCI audits they are able to monitor the social performance of the supply chain. North Outdoor’s Chinese factories manufacture products for other companies. For that reason, committing to a living wage benchmark has not been possible. The fair remuneration section has been rated A or B in all of the factories.

North Outdoor also doesn’t have an open list of direct suppliers that have collectively contributed to more than 90% of the purchase volume.


Is at least 50% of the electricity used by the brand generated from renewable resources, such as wind or solar energy?

  • Yes, at least 50% of the electricity used by North Outdoor comes from renewable energy sources.

North Outdoor has not reported a climate footprint yet. The company is using heating oil made of renewable raw material at the main office/warehouse in Finland.

North Outdoor's history, values and sustainability

North Outdoor is a Finnish brand. Every garment, detail and purpose is designed in Finland, for the varied conditions of the North. North Outdoor’s own deep experience of the changing seasons, biting frost, drizzle and warm summer days has trained them to design clothing that works in all four seasons. North Outdoor's main raw material is merino wool and they take responsibility for the ethics and ecology of merino wool and the brand. The wool in their products is mulesing free and the textiles are OEKO-Tex 100 certified. The merino wool yarns used in their garments are Woolmark certified. They also want to keep the carbon footprint as light as possible by making small and big choices for nature.

Rain or shine, North Outdoor wants to equip every adventurer in the best possible way. They believe that proper equipment allows you to move in any weather. A good attitude to outdoor activities builds a lifelong foundation for well-being. In a challenging environment, adaptability is key. North Outdoor products are made to meet the demands of the Arctic. Then they also work for work use and in the everyday life of the fitness enthusiast.

North Outdoor, it’s factories or fabrics have also met the criteria for these certifications:

All products

  • Mulesing free certificate
  • OEKO-TEX standard 100 certificate

All collections except for socks & Active merino beanie and gloves

  • Woolmark certificate