Code of Conduct

The cornerstones of Weekendbee's ethical principles are Our People, Our Business and Our Responsibility.

Weekendbee operates in a fast-growing business environment, where challenges are posed both by ever-changing areas of responsible business and by multi-stage production chains.

Our People:

Without skilled and motivated employees, there would be no Weekendbee. That's why it is of paramount importance to us that the health and safety of our employees is a priority in everything we do. We provide our employees with high-quality occupational health care and encourage active and self-directed wellbeing by offering support for sports and cultural activities, among other things.

We believe that by hiring the best people and giving them the freedom and responsibility to make the best use of their skills, Weekendbee will also succeed.

We recognise the challenge of increasing diversity in our business and actively seek to take this into account in our recruitment and partner selection.

The cornerstones of our responsibility towards our employees are:

  • Respecting diversity and equal opportunities and condemning harassment
  • Comply with labour laws and respect collective agreements
  • Our employees have full and equal opportunities to develop their own professional skills
  • We strongly condemn child labour and forced labour. We expect our suppliers to share these values and act accordingly.
Our Business:

Areas of responsible business include supply chain management and working with various stakeholders such as voluntary organisations. As a fast-growing company, Weekendbee's stakeholders are constantly changing and we recognise the need to develop a high quality partnership with all stakeholders.

Our guiding principle is not to maximise profits in the short term, but to strive for sustainable, long-term, profitable business. We believe that this is also how we serve all our stakeholders, from employees to customers and suppliers.

We recognise that marketing responsibly made products also requires first class responsibility from Weekendbee as a company. That's why we have put transparency at the heart of Weekendbee's responsible business practices.

We also want to extort responsible manufacturing from our suppliers, and on our website we openly disclose each manufacturer's sustainability criteria.

The cornerstones of sustainability in our business are:

  • We act openly and transparently
  • We comply with legislation and regulations
  • We respect our partners and work together in a mutually beneficial way
  • We respect our values of Responsibility, Courage, Friendliness and respect for our stakeholders and our partners.
Our Responsibility:

Responsibility is a broad concept and as such does not mean anything without further clarification. In all our communications, we always try to be clear about what we mean when we talk about sustainability.

In addition to responsibly manufactured products, we strive for exemplary sustainability in our own operations.

The cornerstones of sustainability are:
  • Our ethical values are based on the UN's human rights and respect for them. We also commit ourselves to and require our partners to commit themselves to respecting UN human rights and the UN International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention.
  • We strive to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible in our operations. We monitor and report our annual carbon footprint in our Sustainability Report. 
  • Our operations are based on a commitment to carbon neutral business practices. Emissions that we are unable to eliminate are offset in Gold Standard certified projects or local Finnish projects.
  • We want to be an exemplary corporate citizen