Gymnation's sustainability

We expect the brands we choose in our collection to meet our sustainability criteria. Our criteria consist of actions that take the environment, social conditions and climate into consideration. Here’s how Gymnation meets our criteria:


Brand uses environmentally preferred raw materials for more than 50% of its volume.

  • No, but partly yes. Gymnation uses natural fibres and recycled materials in its products wherever possible. Currently Gymnation uses a lot of Tencel and the Tencel products sales are more than 50% of their whole sales volume. Gymantion’s Tencel products are not 100% Tencel but also contain other fibres. The polyamide used in their compression leggings is 100% recycled and made from marine plastic waste.

    Brand has eliminated at least three suspect chemical group, such as Phthalates or Perfluorinated Chemicals from its entire production

    • Gymnation doesn't use any harmful chemicals in its production and complies with the Bluesign chemical standards.

    Brand reports what percentage of its consumer packaging materials are renewable or made from recycled materials, and the brand implements concrete policies which have reduced the environmental impact of their packaging materials

    • All Gymnation products and shipping bags are made from 100% recycled plastic, and they hope you will recycle the bag when you no longer need it.

    Brand encourages the longevity of products by offering a lifetime guarantee, repair services or supporting the return or re-use of garments

    • Gymnation does not have a separate warranty or repair service, but they focus on the longevity of their products already in the manufacturing process. They use high quality fabrics and design the products to last long in use.

    Gymnation doesn't report on the implementation of its environmental policy related to the ‘wet processes’ within the production cycle, like bleaching and dyeing of raw materials. Gymnation also don't support any environmental NGOs or other organizations to promote environmental sustainability.

      Social conditions:

      Manufacturing of more than 70% of product volumes happens in low-risk countries

      • All Gymnation clothing is produced in Lithuania in a Bluesign®-certified factory. Bluesign® is a global independent certification focused on environmental impact, health and production safety, aiming at sustainable and responsible textile production.

      Fair social conditions are audited by third parties (For operations outside EU)

      • The Bluesign certificate also guarantees production safety for workers and aims at responsible textile production.

      Origin of the materials, design and the manufacturing is shared openly

      • Yes, the materials come mainly from Europe, France and Italy, and Tencel from Taiwan. Production is entirely in Lithuania and design in Finland.

      Brand is following buying practices that enable living wages and good labour conditions, such as long-term relations with factories, and concentrating production at a limited number of factories

      • Gymnation produces its clothes responsibly in Europe, in a factory in Lithuania. The Bluesign certificate guarantees the health and safety of textile production and, in addition, EU factories ensure that EU social and environmental standards are applied. The Gymnation factory is also committed to uphold the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices.

      Brand supports social NGOs or other organizations to promote social sustainability

      Gymnation doesn’t have an open list of direct suppliers and they don't support social NGOs or other organizations to promote social sustainability.


      Is at least 50% of the electricity used by the brand generated from renewable resources, such as wind or solar energy?

      • The Gymnation factory has Green Energy certification, which means that the electricity they use comes entirely from renewable energy sources.

      Gymnation hasn’t disclosed the annual absolute climate footprint of its 'own operations', and hasn’t accomplished an overall absolute climate footprint reduction compared to the result of the previous reporting year.

      Gymnation's history, values and sustainability

      Gymnation is a Finnish workout clothing brand, founded in Oulu in 2019. They design their products in Finland and manufacture their clothing responsibly close to Europe, without trying to find the cheapest production. Right from the start, it was clear that the cornerstones of the Gymnation brand would be comfort and high quality, as well as responsible production. Their product design is always based on high-quality materials and an excellent fit - resulting in a garment that you will want to wear again and again.

      Unlike the big clothing brands, Gymnation doesn't want to follow trends and constantly produce seasonal collections. They carefully design timeless, high-quality clothes that will stay in the collection for a long time. They try to only add products to their range that are in demand and have a specific purpose. Gymnation manufactures clothes in reasonable quantities, according to demand, so there is no need for constant sales and stock clearances.

      Gymnation, it’s factories or fabrics have also met the criteria for these certifications:

      All fabrics

      • OEKO-TEX standard 100 certificate


      • Bluesign certificate
      • Green Energy certificate
      • GOTS certificate
      • FairWear certificate
      • REACH certificate
      • HiggIndex