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BioCare Wool & Down Wash 500 ml - Bio-based fine wash

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OrganoTex BioCare Wool & Down Wash

BioCare Bio-based fine wash for wool, mohair, cashmere, silk and down. Contains Lanolin, the natural wool fat, which recreates the properties. Eucalyptus essential oil is added for its antibacterial properties and scent.

Compared to “normal” detergents:

No enzymes that break down and change the natural properties of wool and down.
Leaves no chemical residue that will affect the natural function.
Contains Eucalyptus oil which has antibacterial properties.
Contains Lanolin for softness and refatting the fibers

Instructions for use:

  • Shake the bottle and make sure the detergent compartment is clean.
  • Add 25 ml (soft water) or 40 ml (hard water) into the detergent compartment for 2–4 kg.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Wash and dry according to the garment´s washing instructions.
  • If Handwashing: use 15 ml per 10 L of warm or cold water, leave for 30 min and rinse well.

The bottle lasts up to 20 washes.


15–30% Soap, 5-15 % nonionic tensides, 1-5% anionic tensides, <1% Preservatives (2-phenoxyethanol), Parfum (Eucalyptus essential oil).

What's sustainable?

Two in one – wool & down – less wash cycles
Predominantly bio-based raw materials
Readily biodegradable
Highly concentrated product
Water based and no volatile organic solvents (VOC)
Phosphorus free (common in many detergents – contributes to eutrophication).

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