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Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore - Biodegradable ingredients

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Manduka Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore

Manduka’s Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore uses 100% naturally derived ingredients to maintain the performance of your eKO® Series yoga mat. Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore can be used on any natural rubber yoga mats.

Formulated to reverse the surface oxidation (which fades and discolors rubber mats), the gentle formulation brings back your mat’s original luster and extends its life.

Use monthly for best results.

Made in the USA.


  • Conditions and restores natural rubber yoga mats in one step
  • Extends the life and performance of your mat
  • Made with 100% natural derived ingredients
  • Non-irritating
  • Pet friendly
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Recyclable HDPE packaging
  • Can be used to Restore Manduka eKO® Series

Use & Care

FOR MONTHLY eKO® RESTORE: Spray generously over the entire top surface, paying close attention to any areas of decolorisation. Allow the Natural Rubber Restore to stay on the mat for 5 minutes. Use a clean cloth to wipe mat dry before rolling or using. Use monthly for best results. Please note that this should not be used as a daily cleaner.

FOR DAILY eKO® REFRESH: Use Manduka's mat wash & refresh

FOR THOROUGH eKO® CLEAN: Use Manduka's botanical mat cleaner.

What's sustainable?

  • Extends the life and performance of your mat
  • Ingredients: Purified water, gingergrass essential oil, natural white vinegar, bio-based fragrance solubilizer (PEG-free).
  • The Fragrances are made with 100% Aromatic NATURAL RAW MATERIALS as defined by ISO 9235:2013.
  • The Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore is biodegradable – all ingredients will naturally break down over time. Packaging is HDPE, which is recyclable.
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