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APL Low Sneaker - Vegan Apple Leather

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Komrads APL Low Sneaker

A sneaker for which no natural raw materials needed to be harvested and which is entirely made of recycled and reused materials. Without compromising on comfort or design.


Officially PETA-approved. Designed in Belgium, and carefully produced in Portugal (EU).

  • Removable insole: recycled plant-based carbon.
  • Vegan: Officially PETA-approved.
  • Designed in Belgium, produced in Portugal.


A sneaker made of recycled and reused materials.

  • Upper: vegan apple leather. Apple leather is made of apple waste (peels & cores). An ecological and vegan alternative to leather. 55% apple waste, 40% synthetic resin, 5% PU.
  • PU. Sole: 100% recycled rubber.
  • Lining & Laces: recycled cotton & plastic bottles.
  • Insole: removable insole made from flexible recycled carbon. Carbon is a plant-based supermaterial that has absorbing properties.

What's Sustainable: 

  • 100% recycled rubber.
  • The apple eco leather is produced in Italy using waste from the apple juice industry. Every year this industry leaves behind a significant amount of waste. This waste, consisting of apple peels and cores, is developed into a new raw material: an ecological alternative to animal leather. Moreover, apple leather is a cellulose-based material with as much as 55% of recycled apple fiber. In short, it’s a durable, bio-based and high-quality alternative to leather with a low environmental impact.


Best enviromental initiatives
  • 10 liters of water, 93% of liters saved
  • 2.85 kg CO2 eq, 62% of kg CO2 eq saved
  • 1.54 g PO4 eq, 87% g of PO4 eq saved
  • 0.08 kg of waste


  • Best social & ethical initiatives
  • 77 estimated people behind with safe work & better livelihoods
  • +51 estimated processes from design to sale in a product ethically traded


  • Best traceability initiatives
  • 4.455 estimated km behind committed to sustainability
  • GUARANTEES declared for environmental and ethical efficiency
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      Tosi kivat!

      Tosi kivan näköiset ja kestävän oloiset. Sovittaessani pelkäsin, että "nahka" oli liiankin napakka mutta heti ensi käyttökerralla olivat mukavat ja pehmeät. Onneksi käytin järkeäni enkä kokotaulukkoa tilauksessa; käytän yleensä kokoa 40/41 mutta taulukon mukaan olisin kokoa 39. Onneksi otin kuitenkin 40:t, ne ovat täydelliset. Ekologisuudesta ja vegaanisuudesta tietenkin suuri plussa!