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December 09, 2021 6 min read

The best sustainable Christmas gifts inspired by our influencers

The most wonderful time of the year is here and you may be wondering how you could delight your loved ones with a necessary and desired gift. Christmas time doesn't have to be a huge consumption party, when you give a carefully selected and sustainably manufactured gift or a promise of a time together. To make your gift shopping easier, we have put together a sustainable gift guide 2021 inspired by our TestBee team and influencers.

If you are not sure which gift would delight the recipient the most, we recommend to choose our convenient Weekendbee gift card. If the gift recipient already has everything they need, you can donate to charity on their behalf. For example, we at Weekendbee support POW - Protect Our Winters Finland, as winters and winter sports are especially dear to us.

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We offer extended exchange and return period for all holiday gifts until the end of January 2022. 

Activewear for sport enthusiasts

Activewear gifts

Eva's and Ida's favorite activewear from Weekendbee's sustainable collection will definitely delight a gift recipient with an active lifestyle: Népra Juno Longsleeve (available in 9 different colors), Terra Tights 2 and Girlfriend Collective leggings and tops made from recycled plastic bottles.

Swimwear by Lilja the Label are perfect for not only summer activities but also for a cold water swimmer, who enjoys the water all year round. In addition to sustainable swimwear and bikinis, you can find activewear and cozy lazy wear sets from Lilja the Label's collection.

Remember to add the Guppyfriend washing bag into your gift box. This washing bag collects microfibers detached from synthetic textiles during washing.

Warm package for outdoor enthusiasts

Warm gift ideas

For an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the great outdoors year-round will definitely be delighted by a warm package, which reveals a base or a mid layer made from mulesing-free merino wool. Pauliina's gift idea is the soft and light, Hiking merino base layer from Devold. Available for both women and men.

Tuulia's choice is the Devold Expedition base layer which guarantees excellent durability even in extreme conditions. Available in women's and men's models.

"This Devold Hiking base layer is really high-quality and feels wonderfully soft and light." - Pauliina

"This merino wool base layer feels high quality and is so soft against the skin. The high zip neck is really handy as it protects from the wind when skiing or running." - Tuulia

Iida's gift idea is also from the merino wool collection of Devold. Her favorite base layer is the Alnes, which is available in three beautiful colors. Iida's favorite is the color Night.

Gift ideas

The Patagonia shell clothing is the perfect gift for someone with an active outdoor lifestyle, and who is interested in high-quality, waterproof outdoor clothing. From Weekendbee you will find a wide selection of Patagonia shell jackets and shell pants. The most popular shell jacket is the Calcite jacket seen on Ida and the best-selling shell pants are the Torrentshell pants on the second photo, seen on Sonja.

Find the best model and size for the gift recipient from our articles, in which we compare the most popular and best-selling shell jackets and shell pants from Patagonia.

"These Torrentshell pants are classic shell pants with top-notch waterproofing. I like the side zippers that allow a great ventilation." - Sonja

In addition, the Myssyfarmi beanies are very much loved by our influencers. These will surely delight every gift recipient. The trendy and warm Muffi beanie in color Nude is Fiia's favorite. These beanies are made in Finland, from 100% Finnish sheep wool and come pre-packed in beautiful cardboard boxes, so you can place them straight under the tree.

You can also find warm wool beanies from many of our other brands like Vai-ko, Mons Royale and North Outdoor. Sustainably made scarves and gloves are also warm and necessary gifts for the recipient.

Gift ideas for the hygge lovers

Hygge gift ideas

A soft and stretchy outfit will delight a person who loves to spend time at home and indoors. Sustainable activewear that are comfortable on are great gifts for hygge lovers.

The super-soft material in Girlfriend Collective's Float leggings and tops as well as in the Scoop Back Unitard are perfect to wear indoors. The Scoop Back Unitard has a soft built-in bra, so you don't need to a bra underneath. Another comfortable piece of activewear are the Saturnus tights that feel like a second skin. Along with the Compressive leggings by Girlfriend Collective, the Saturnus Tights by Népra are our best-selling leggings for women.

An excellent gift idea for someone interested in a hygge lifestyle is the Nibba outfit that has a more relaxed fit. This Nibba outfit from Devold is made from 100% merino wool and the brushed inner surface makes it especially soft and comfortable to wear. See also the silky soft Organic Basics nightwear and underwear made from tencel.

Ethical and ecological gifts for yoga lovers

Sustainable gift ideas for yoga lovers

Is your loved one into yoga, pilates or stretching? At Weekendbee you will find a wide selection of ecological and ethical yoga equipment and clothing.

The Girlfriend Collective Unitard is Noora's favorite outfit for yoga. The unitard stays in place even in the most complex asana. If you are looking for a gift for a yogi who is enjoying their exercise in warmer conditions, we recommend to check out the Float Bra and Ribbed Bikers seen on Ida. You can also find a shorter model of the popular unitard. Ida's 'go-to outfit' for every summer activity is the Bike Unitard by Girlfriend Collective.

Our organic and sustainable yoga mats by Manduka have been popular along yogis for decades. A passionate yogi is surely delighted by our ecological cleansers for yoga mats.

Find out more about our selection of ecological and ethical yoga clothing through this blog post.

Technical clothes for runners

Gift ideas for runners

The merino wool running clothes from Devold are definitely hit gifts for every runner. The light blue Running Zip Neck seen on Fiia, combines tencel and merino wool, which makes it silky, breathable and warm on the skin and it surely doesn't itch even the most sensitive skin.

Samuli's gift idea for a runner's gift box is the warm and insulating merino wool tights from Devold. Recommended by both Fiia and Samuli, the Patagonia R1 jacket is a technical, can't-go-wrong gift for every runner. Check out also headbands that will protect the runner from the wind.

An excellent gift for a winter runner are the cover jacket and pants from Devold. These running clothes are tested by our ambassador Veera, who confirms that they will protect you from the wind during your run and allows to extend the running season to the whole year. If necessary, you can add extra (merino) layers underneath for the coldest days.

Classic and timeless everyday clothing

Everyday outfits

Clothing that you can give to each gift recipient: fleeces made from recycled materials, warm wool sweaters, comfortable hoodies and sweatshirts. Ida's choice is the Ona Round Sweater made from 100% wool. The traditional pattern of this sweater dates back to the 50s. Is there even a more timeless choice? See all Devold sweaters for women and men.

Samuli's warm and comfy gift idea for every package is the iconic Houdini Power Houdi, also known as the best fleece hoodie in the world! According to a customer survey by Houdini, the Power Houdi owners wear the hoodie on average up to 126 days a year!

The most popular woolen garments include the sweaters, beanies, mittens and wool socks from the Devold Nansen collection. Tuulia recommends to combine the Nansen Split Seam sweater with the Nansen beanie to guarantee the gift recipient stays warm.

"A super warm sweater that fits well over a longsleeve and will definitely keep you warm. I like that the beanie is quite a loose fit, fluffy and really warm." - Tuulia

Patagonia fleeces

The classic Patagonia fleeces for women and men are this year's hit gifts. Find the best model for your loved one by reading this article: TOP5 Patagonia fleeces in comparison.

Unisex gift ideas

Unisex gift ideas

From Weekendbee you can find a wide selection of unisex products that are perfect for everyone: sweaters, jackets, hoodies, colleges, shoes, accessories and equipment. Our influencers' favorite unisex gift ideas for the holiday season are the Houdini Shelter Anorak seen on Samuli, Vai-ko Crew Socks seen on Annika and the original Norwegian sweater Nordsjo seen on Valtteri.

Equipment and maintenance products

Equipment and care products

You will find a wide collection of sustainable backpacks and bags for everyday life, cycling and longer adventures. For example, the lightweight Altvia backpack (seen on the photo) from Patagonia is perfect for day trips. Thanks to the integrated rain cover, your goods stay dry in every weather. Check out also the Aevor Daypack Proof which is our best-selling backpack for everyday adventures.

Take a look at the trendy hip bags from Patagonia and Aevor. These hip bags are made from recycled materials and they are really light, so that you can conveniently carry small essentials with you in your active everyday life.

It is important to take good care of the high-quality garments and equipments so that they last longer, stay in good shape and work appropriately. With our ecological care and maintenance products the gift recipient can take care of their existing clothing and equipment - and our planet.

Check out also our collections of sustainable gift ideas based on price: gifts for less than 50€, 50-100€ and more than 100€. Still not sure what to get? With the Weekendbee gift card you can give the recipient a gift of (better) choice.