The Best Ethical and Eco-Friendly Yoga And Activewear Brands You Should Know About

The Best Sustainable Yoga And Activewear Brands You Should Know About

When it comes to our favorite activities like yoga, we should always ask ourselves; What am I wearing?

What materials were used to make this piece of clothing?

Where do those materials come from?

Who made this piece of clothing?

How long will it last?

What happens to it when I’m done with it?

What is the real cost of this piece of clothing?

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Here, at Weekendbee, we hold a collection of sustainably made and trendy looking clothes from brands like Patagonia, Népra, and Girlfriend Collective! We care how our yoga clothes are made and we also care how good they make us feel! Tops, leggings, and shorts that help you move in your own rhythm and stay close to nature at the same time!

Finding your best yoga and activewear just became easier than doing the workout itself! More and more active and outdoor brands are becoming conscious of how they make, design, ship and produce their clothes, but there are a few yoga and activewear brands that really stand out!

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ecological yoga wear patagonia

Responsibly made - Patagonia yoga and clothing and activewear moves with you through poses, workouts or climbs.

Patagonia appreciates that all life on earth is under threat of extinction. They aim to use the resources they have—business, investments, voice, and imaginations—to do something about it.

Whether you're looking for yoga pants, outdoor jackets, running shorts, or activewear, Patagonia got you covered. Brand's organic materials such as organic cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester and hemp have excellent properties for all activities.


Patagonia pledges at least one percent of sales or 10 percent of pre-tax profits, whichever is more, to environmental groups.

Patagonia is aiming to use 100% recycled or renewable materials in its production in the future. The current percentage is 69%.

In 1994, Patagonia made the decision to take a stand against chemically intensive cotton and switch to organically grown cotton throughout the line.

In an attempt to improve the lives of those who make Patagonia products, they offer 192 styles that are Fair Trade Certified for sewing.

Part of the production is Bluesign® certified.

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Our friends at Népra believe in the buy-less-wear-more principal! Sustainability doesn’t end with how the products are made, but also what we do with them and how we use them!

Népra was first founded to equip CrossFit athletes with sustainable, robust sportswear and has charmed all the other sports lovers since.

Finland based active and yoga wear that makes you feel amazing, is meant to last! To many yogis, runners, crossfitters that is a priority, so it's for us!

The minimalistic and ethical brand believes in longevity and transparency. They want to do good, as well as encourage their tribe to do good! Carefully sourced Italian materials ensure that clothes last with your activities!

eco friendly yoga wear

Nepra leggings SATURNUS vs. TERRA:

Saturnus legging is the softest and most comfortable yoga pants for any kind of activity but also to wear as a part of your daily outfit.⁠

"You'll want to stay in the home office so you can wear this pair of leggings all the time. These are really comfortable legging, highly recommended! I really like the fir, especially the high waist and the material." - Eeva Y. from Germany

Terra legging is robust, thick and suits perfectly for more demanding sport arts like Crossfit & weightlifting but also for climbing & hiking. ⁠

"I have already one pair and I loved them so much, I had to order a second pair! Great tights!!" - Claudia A. from Switzerland

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eco friendly yoga wear

Girlfriend yoga and activewear is making a huge difference, cleaning up a plastic mess in our oceans! Their clothes are made from recycled plastic water bottles, fishing nets and other recycled materials.

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Girlfriend Collective passes our sustainability test 10/10! They hold all kinds of certificates, like:

Bluesign - Guarantee of product safety

SA8000 - Ethical garment manufacturing guarantee

Oeko-Tex - Safe textiles

GRS - Global Recycling Standard

Read more about Weekendbee's sustainability criteria ~

Girlfriend makes sure to provide fair working conditions and welcomes yogis and active girls from all over the world, in all shapes and sizes. A brand that will make you feel good about yourself! Sizes XS-XXXL are available. If your size is missing out from your favorite color, let us know!

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