Meet our TestBees

We have teamed up with ten amazing outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about the great outdoors. Our TestBees want to inspire you with their sustainable choices and active lifestyle. They share their picks, tips and tricks of our sustainable gear for making the most of the great outdoors and their favorite activities. Read on to meet them!

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Anna Rantala

Anna Rantala

"My name is Anna, and I'm a beach volleyball professional from Helsinki. I love being active outdoors, and that is why beach volleyball is so close to my heart. Whether it is sunny or raining, I love playing on the sand, and I dedicate most of my time to training. I also enjoy yoga, cold water swimming and biking. I train a lot, and it is important to me that my activewear is sustainable." 

Favorite activities: beach volleyball, cold water swimming, biking and yoga

Anna's sustainable favorites are the Népra Terra Tights, Cella T-shirt and Girlfriend Collective bras

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Elsa Östlund

Elsa Östlund

"Being outdoors in nature has always inspired me, especially through outdoor sports like skiing, climbing, or cross-country skiing. However, my love for nature is not only through sports but also through science. My curiosity for nature led me into the field of biology and last year I moved from Sweden to Switzerland to study ecology and conservation biology. In the outdoor community, I believe that we need to make even more sustainable choices and be more mindful of our consumption."

Favorite activities: skiing, climbing and cross-country skiing

Elsa's sustainable favorite is the Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket

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Fiia Ketonen

Fiia Ketonen

"I'm a 30-year old photographer and videographer, originally from South Ostrobothnia, currently located in Tampere, Finland. In the middle, I have lived in Sweden, Australia and Asia. Nowadays I enjoy exploring my beloved home Finland. I like to try and do a variety of different sports, but my favorite is definitely surfing. I also like to move outdoors as much as I can, for me it's the best way to relax and reset. Sustainable choices are close to my heart and I aim to improve constantly. I hope to inspire others to make those small, better choices in their life!"

Favorite activities: surfing and snowboarding

Fiia's sustainable favorites are the Patagonia P-6 Logo Organic Crew T-shirt and Veja sneakers

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Hanna Vartia

Hanna Vartia

"I'm an outdoor enthusiast, who three years ago decided to start living full-time in a van to be closer to my hobbies and nature. I'm originally from Helsinki, but during the past years I have lived more or less in my hone on wheels in different European countries. As my hobbies include climbing, whitewater kayaking and kitesurfing, I love to spend time in the mountains and sea. It also seems like my hobbies just keep on multiplying because there's so many cool activities out there and I love to learn new! Sustainability is also close to my heart and I used to study biology. I'm glad to see more and more companies like Weekendbee popping up, and I'm really excited about to be a TestBee."

Favorite activities: climbing, whitewater kayaking and kitesurfing

Hanna's sustainable favorite is the Kaski Sweater which she describes super warm and comfy

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Ida Sinisalo

Ida Sinisalo

"I'm beach volley athlete from Helsinki, Finland. Half of the year I live in different beaches around the world and other half in Finnish beautiful nature. My sport takes me to unique destinations with different types of nature. Besides beach volley, I enjoy long conversations, books meditation and yoga. If possible, with a sea view. Sustainability is close to my heart, and I'm pumped to be a TestBee. Less is more and I'm happy to see more eco-friendly and sustainable companies concentrating on good quality on clothing."

Favorite activities: beach volleyball and yoga

Ida's sustainable favorites are the Girlfriend Collective Bike Unitard and Hydro Flask water bottle which keeps her water cold while enjoying outdoors

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Samuli Hiltunen

Samuli Hiltunen

"I'm 28 years old multi-outdoorer. On the mountains, sea, trails or dirt roads I feel at my happiest. My self-made motorhome enables traveling with my home to my hobbies. Ecological and sustainable values are important to me, for example, flying and acquiring fast fashion have been reduced to a minimum in recent years and a low-carbon option has been chosen as a home. Setting challenges for myself and others keep me motivated and different projects needs to me planned constantly."

Favorite activities: skiing, triathlon and running

Samuli's sustainable favorites are the Patagonia R1 Tech Face JacketNano Puff Jacket and Calcite Gore-Tex Shell Pants

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Siiri Partanen

TestBee Siiri

"I'm professional actor-musician from Rovaniemi, Finland, with a handful of different degrees and an endless desire for adventures. In addition, to exploring the World of Arts I often find myself wandering off into the wild. Besides outdoor activities such as  MTB and SUP, I also practice yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics. I want to expand my boundaries, keep on learning new things and travel the world responsibly - making our planet a better place to live for all species." 

Favorite activities: mountain biking, SUP, yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics

Siiri's sustainable favorite is the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

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Tiina Pakkanen

Tiina Pakkanen

"Here is a positive adventurer from Turku, Finland, who gets easily excited and by sharing my daily life, I want to inspire others! My social media does exudes honestly and perseverant which often creates joy in my followers. The seasons are important to me and as a member of POW, Protect Our Winters, for several years. I hope the winter will continue for a long time."

Favorite activities: sailing and exploring the outdoors

Tiina's sustainable favorite is the whole Patagonia collection as she have used their clothes for several years and they are still like new.

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Tim De Maziere


"I'm Tim, a Belgian guy, who moved into a van in 2017 to pursue my passion for the outdoors and sports. I have been living off-grid ever since and I love it. Living in the van is great because it gives me freedom on so many levels and it brings me close to my passions. Sustainability in everything I do is important to me, which is why I am so excited to partner up with Weekendbee! I am so lucky to be able to live in the beautiful nature our planet has to offer and we should protect this for future generations. If you're curios about my van-, climbing-, kayaking-, kitesurfing-life, feel free to drop me a line on social media!"

Favorite activities: climbing, kayaking and kitesurfing

Tim's sustainable favorite is the Patagonia Fjord Flannel, which he describes so cosy and versatile that he wears it almost every day

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Veera Malmivaara

Veera Malmivaara

"Nature inspires me to live in the moment. I love being out in the nature and I try to go into the wilderness, to the source of creativity, whenever possible. Whether it's trail running, hunting or cross-country skiing, I'm always ready for nature adventures."

Favorite activities: running and cross-country skiing

Veera's sustainable favorites are the Girlfriend Collective Compressive Legging and the Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover

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