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We only choose responsibly manufactured shoes with the most environmentally friendly materials possible - recycled or ecologically produced.

At the moment, you will find responsible sneakers and shoes from Veja, Saola, Langbrett and Komrads in our selection. Veja manufactures its shoes in Brazil from organic cotton, cork and recycled materials. Saola's shoes are made from recycled materials by weaving, and the soles are made with cork and algae, among other things. Langbrett's shoes are made from recycled materials, and they are fully recyclable, so the production is circular. Komrads uses the Apple Eco Leather, which is produced using waste from the apple juice industry. Their soles are made from 100% recycled rubber from car tires and other sneaker soles, and colored with biological paint.

Take a look at the selection, and feel free to ask for more!