November 13, 2018 2 min read

Winter cycling can be fun if you have the right gear. Like many other winter sports, it is more rewarding if you have made some preparations with the gear first. 

We interviewed the cycling experts from Keli Clothing to give us some tips for the coming cold, dark and slippery cycling season. Sanni and Timo, the founders of the Keli Clothing are both into mountain biking enduro where Timo has been competing also in international level. They are the real experts in cycling clothing since after years of dealing with smelly sports clothing they decided to find more natural and ecological solution for their cycling wear. This is how the sustainable 100% merino wool clothing brand Keli was founded.


Founders of the Keli Clothong

 Photographer: Lassi Kaaria

To prepare for the upcoming winter season, Timo recommends to gear up well. This means taking care of the bike so that there are no grease or other dirt that would do harm for the bike when freezing. Other important things to prepare for the bike are the winter tires, reflectors, and lights. 

But how should the biker dress for the winter cycling fun? The best way to stay warm and cozy is to wear different layers depending on the weather. Sanni and Timo, of course, recommend using merino wool since it will keep you warm and fresh even in the sweatiest cycling session. Merino wool works well as a base layer and mid layer and depending on the weather even as shell layer. 

If it´s pouring rain or snow or slush, you might want to choose also something waterproof as a shell layer. Remember to check that your shell clothing doesn´t include harmful PFC-chemicals


Timo the founder of the Keli Clothing 

Photographer: Timo Föhr

To finish up the gearing, proper shoes and gloves are important to keep your feet and hands warm and dry. Sanni encourages everyone to try winter biking and the most important thing to remember is to have a positive mindset! 

How should the biker take care of the merino under layer after the cycling session? Timo and Sanni say that the ecological merino clothing is really easy to take care of. Most of the times airing the clothing outdoors overnight is enough to keep it fresh since the smells won´t attach to merino easily. High-quality Keli Clothing can also be washed in a regular washing machine in 40 degrees but you can also just rinse it with cold water. 


mountain biking enduro


Keli Clothing can also repair their merino clothing if it´s sent to them. If the clothes get holes they will fix them with reflecting fabric since they are really encouraging people to wear the items for a long time. 


See the full merino wool clothing collection at Weekendbee.




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