November 24, 2018 2 min read

CrossFit can be a demanding sport for clothing because of the variety of activities like weightlifting, burpees, running and gymnastics that they need to endure and support. We asked from CrossFit athlete and coach Elli Gromov, what she thinks is important for the clothing she wears in the box. 


CrossFit athelete Elli Gromov

CrossFit clothing needs to be durable and supporting

The most important thing about CrossFit clothing for Elli is that they need to be super durable, fitting and supporting. She prefers to use Népra activewear which she thinks are super comfortable and durable at the same time. She especially likes the second-skin feeling of them. Elli´s favorite piece of CrossFit gear is Népra´s Terra Tights which are designed especially for demanding training conditions. They are thicker and more supporting material than the classic all-around Saturnus Tights. Elli has been using her Terra Tights for ages and they still look the same. It´s important that the tights feel super good on and that she doesn´t need to correct them during training. 


CrossFit Athelete Elli Gromov

 Choosing sustainable activewear 

The second important aspect of her training clothing is that they need to be responsibly made. Elli is also a fashion design student so she knows how difficult it is to create high-quality and sustainable clothing. The studies have also made her more aware of the problems of the industry and that is why she wants to support the brands that have sustainable values. Elli chooses Népra activewear because she knows the clothing has been designed in Finland, ethically made in Tallinn and the materials used in them are toxic-free, high-quality and sustainable. Her favorite Terra Tights are partly from a recycled polyamide which is originally from recycled plastic waste. 

See the full Népra collection.


Check out our video what Elli has to say about herself and CrossFit clothing.

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