Gymnation's sustainability - product page


Gymnation tries to use recycled materials and natural fibres wherever possible. For example, they currently use the very popular Tencel in their clothing. Gymnation leggings are made of polyamide and elastane. Gymnation's factory in Lithuania is Bluesign certified, which enables the textile industry to use natural materials responsibly, reduce water use and emissions to the climate, improve wastewater treatment and overall reduce its ecological footprint. Gymnation also pays attention to sustainability in the design process and produces garments that last for a long time.

Social Conditions

Gymnation's materials, design and manufacturing origins are openly disclosed and they do not use risky countries to manufacture their products. All their products are manufactured in a European Bluesign certified factory in Lithuania. This certification also guarantees occupational safety and health for workers. In addition, the Lithuanian factory is committed to the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices.


The Gymnation factory has Green Energy certification, which means that the electricity they use comes entirely from renewable energy sources. Gymnation wants to make increasing use of recycled materials in its products in the future.

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