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The brand OGNX  (pronounced: organics) creates sustainable clothing from yoga to streetwear both women and men. It was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2012 and embodies a way of life in which fun in fashion, yoga, and an active lifestyle meet a conscious attitude.

All products are manufactured from sustainable and ecological materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Lenzing Modal. They value fair working conditions, high quality and fair prices. Ethically made clothes should be available for everyone.

They also try to rethink beyond borders every day and create new structures in the fashion industry.  “Our desire is to inspire other people - towards more conscious attitude towards themselves, their fellow human beings and the environment.”

We at Weekendbee, can offer you several sustainable sportswear from their collection such as sports bras and leggins manufactured from recycled polyester, really comfortable harem pants and tops manufactured from organic cotton and many other ecological yoga clothes.