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February 12, 2020 3 min read

A winter layering guide for the eco friendly consumer

Whether you are spending the winter in town or hitting the mountains for some extreme sports, check out these winter layering tips to keep warm in style.

Layering adds versatility to any outfit, allows you to mix and match and easily adjust your temperature. While, the air that is trapped between your clothes acts as an insulator and retains warmth. Layering typically includes a base or inner layer, a middle and an outer layer. 

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Keep on reading for our best winter layering tips, to stay warm in style!

Step 1 - Base layer

Mons Royale Ethical Merino Wool

Mons Royale Ethical Merino Wool

The base layer is the closest to the skin and wicks away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable. Merino wool is an ideal candidate for this, as it's a high absorbent wool that doesn't itch. 

Why merino? A sustainable winter gem

Merino is a unique wool sourced from high alpine sheep in a non cruelty, mulesing free way.  With a high warmth to weight ratio, it keeps you warm without adding bulk. It also regulates temperature; meaning it keeps you cool when you are hot and warm when you are cold.  Merino is breathable, fast drying, anti bacterial and anti odour.

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From underwear and socks, to shirts and pants… Check out some of the best sustainable merino wool products 

Mons Royale Ethical Merino Wool

Underwear can easily be overlooked in the layering process, but it's a vital part.  Choose a supportive and comfortable fit, that controls moisture as merino bras, tops, pants, and underwear.

Step 2 - Middle layer 

Patagonia Sustainable Sportswear

The function of the middle layer is to provide warmth.

We love our Patagonia fleeces for their softness and comfort. Ethically produced and Bluesign approved (meaning that the chemicals and dyes used are safe and eco-friendly) they offer the perfect combination of warmth and style. 

Picture Organic Sustainable Sportswear

For a sportier option choose a Zip HoodieMade from merino wool or organic cotton; slim or wide fit, they come in a variety of colors and styles. A zip up is a perfect choice for easy layering and temperature control. 

Step 3 - Outer layer 

Picture Organic Ski Wear

The outer layer provides protection, by blocking wind and rain. This is the last step of your outfit. These sustainable winter jackets will keep you warm, dry and fashionable. 

Patagonia Shell Jackets

Eco friendly clothes

Made from recycled materials, shell jackets are an ideal choice for those wanting a slender outer layer.  Waterproof but breathable, hooded for the rainy days and they even self-stuff into a pocket. Making them perfect for travel!

Down Jackets 

Varg Down Jacket

Made from sustainable down, lightweight, windproof and stylish. The ethically produced down jackets have a contoured fit and a shiny finish to compliment any outfit. The fashionistas bomber jacket.

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Picture Organic Ski Jackets

Picture Organic Ski Wear

What is layering

The ultimate jacket for your skiing trips, with thermal STD 80 GRS Insulation.  Featuring special pit zips for ventilation, external pockets for functionality and cuffs with wrist gaiters to keep the water out. 

Take a peek at all of these women's and men's ski styles

Next step for any skiing outfit, is a waterproof pair of pants

Ski outfit women

Made from a unique waterproof matte material, these ski pants follow your every move. 

Best ski clothes

Choose a style with a removable bib and suspenders (aka jumpsuit) for a playful, full coverage look. 

For outdoor lovers who don't shy away from harsh weather conditions, the Patagonia Triolet Gore-Tex Alpine pants might just be a fit.  Made of durable, 100% recycled polyester, these pants feature side zips for ventilation and easy removal. Customizable fit, waterproof and breathable. 

 PS: Don't forget to complete your outfit with a beanie, a warm pair of gloves and a smile! :)


Now that you have the science of layering down… have fun with it! Mix and match items and remove or add layers to suit your needs. 

Ready, set, go! 


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