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December 07, 2019 2 min read

Sustainable Finnish Sports And Outdoor Brands: Designed For Nordic Conditions

Weekendbee is proudly representing seven Finnish brands that have sustainability as their core value. This means that the brand lives and breathes the mission to make its products, manufacturing, and operations as sustainable as possible.

Keli Clothing, North Outdoor, and Costo are manufacturing their products in Finnish factories. The rest of the brands are manufacturing the clothes outside of Finland carefully monitoring the ethical manufacturing procedures. 

Finnish outdoor clothes; jackets, pants, shirts, merino products, and beanies are made to keep you warm and dry in every weather condition. Leggings, fitness shirts, shorts, and tops are top quality as we Finns are known as crazy sportspeople! You can also find cool, plastic-free sunglasses made by Finnish Shade Share.

Weekendbee is proud to represent the following Finnish sustainable sports and outdoor brands:

Finnish Sports Brand

Trendy Costo beanies can be spotted in the city streets as well in nature. 

merino wool clothes

North Outdoor's merino wool clothes keep you warm in Nordic conditions. 

sustainable yoga leggings

Nepra sports leggings and tops  are super popular among yogis and cross-fitters. 

Finnish sports wear

Sasta  is a traditional hiking brand providing
quality jackets and trousers when heading into the wild. 

You can find these Finnish, sustainable outdoor and sports brands at Weekendbee: 

Keli Clothing - Merino wool shirts and trousers

North Outdoor - Merino shirts, sweaters, trousers, socks, beanies, and gloves

Costo - Trendy merino beanies

Nepra - Popular yoga leggings and fitness wear

Pure Waste - Lifestyle clothes for men and women

Shade Share - Plastic-Free sunglasses 

Sasta - Quality hiking jackets and trousers


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