Sasta, from Nurmes, Finland, is guided by the old Finnish philosophy of respecting nature, which takes many notions. It directs their sustainable thinking in design and production, while it also underlines the old wisdom of Finnish outdoorsmen – equipping yourself properly when heading out into the wilderness.

Sasta’s reputation is based on a simple notion – that their products are known to be strong, while still being highly technical. They don’t count grams, but rather make products that will perform in even the harshest weather that nature can throw at you. 

Sasta's expertise starts where the marked roads and easy paths end – for the conditions where you need to trust your equipment 100%. Sasta believes in taking full mileage of your clothing and repairing them when needed. This is why they have offered a repair-service in Nurmes for almost 50 years.

Nearly all Sasta products are manufactured in the EU, with a minority produced in selected factories in China and India. Thanks to their established supplier relations, they are confident that the products are produced responsibly and meet their high-quality criteria. They continuously work together with their partners to ensure best practices, while also monitoring them.


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