Jack Wolfskin - at home outdoors

Jack Wolfskin is one of the world's biggest outdoor brands from Germany. Their brand philosophy is based on three pillars: environmental protection, social responsibility, product design.

Environmental protection
Anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors in all types of weather gets to know nature in a special way and learns to value it. As a brand JackWolfskin are committed to protecting the environment, both on their doorstep and where their products are manufactured. 

Social responsibility
Fair and humane working conditions are an important topic for JackWolfskin, whether they are talking about Jack Wolfskin employees in Idstein, Neu-Wulmstorf or their stores, or whether they are referring to manufacturers and their employees in their global supply chain. Treating everyone with respect and consideration. You will find up-to-date information about their social commitment in Germany and at their manufacturers worldwide on their website.

Product design
All the materials that Jack Wolfskin uses for their products are selected from an ethical point of view and produced as sustainably as possible. They show transparently which criteria they use to select these and which services they offer for used products.