Girlfriend Collective's sustainability - product page


Girlfriend Collective's main raw material is ocean plastic waste, i.e. plastic bottles and fishing nets. One pair of leggings, for example, is made from 11 plastic bottles. Girlfriend Collective's clothes are OEKO certified and their garments are dyed in a non-toxic way that respects the environment. The consumer packaging used by Girlfriend is also responsibly chosen and 100% recycled and recyclable.

Social Conditions

Girlfriend Collective manufactures its textiles in a facility in Taiwan that specialises in the production of eco-friendly textiles. Cutting and sewing is done in carefully selected factories and their core factory is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The factory is SA8000 certified, which guarantees their workers fair wages, health and safety conditions and many other important things. SA8000 factories are audited on a regular basis and Girlfriend Collective also visits their certified factory regularly.


For Girlfriend Collective, environmental well-being is also very important. They do important work by using ocean plastic waste as the raw material for their clothing, which allows these bottles to be recycled from the seas. Girlfriend also confirms that at least 50% of the energy they use comes from renewable sources.

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