Vaude Green Shape


VAUDE is a pioneer in the sustainability field and has developed its own rating system for environmentally friendly outdoor products: Green Shape.

Green Shape label offers functional, environmentally friendly products made from sustainable materials. VAUDE is vigilant about fair working conditions throughout the supply chain. VAUDE Green Shape label criteria for evaluation are stringent and transparent. They are under constant review and cover the entire lifecycle of the product from design and production to maintenance, repair, and disposal. 

With Green Shape, the entire product lifecycle is scrutinized including the design, all materials used, the production facilities, use and care of the product, and potential recycling and/or environmentally friendly disposal. Green Shape is a two-tier process: Each Green Shape product must be made from certified and/or environmentally friendly materials and the production facility where the materials come from must also be environmentally certified. This doubles the safety net, especially with regard to handling chemicals in production.

Green Shape expressly excludes the use of particularly critical materials and technologies such as PVC, fluorocarbons, chlorine, and bleaches containing hypochlorite, nanotechnology or solvent-containing prints. Each Green Shape product must be easy to maintain and clean, and cannot require dry cleaning.

The bluesign® system is an important part of the concept. But Green Shape goes beyond the bluesign® system. Green Shape products may not, for example, contain fluorocarbons, while the bluesign® system allows their use under strict conditions. 

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