Népra - sustainable and ethical activewear brand from Finland

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Népra is a sustainable and ethical activewear brand from Lahti, Finland. The company was founded by two ladies, Ama and Essi.

The idea behind Népra is to create long-lasting and sustainable sportswear, to keep the production chain as short as possible, and to be honest and transparent throughout the entire process. Népra activewear is produced in Estonia from Italian quality fabrics.

The responsible design process is at the very core of Népra’s quality. Fine-tuning the patterns to ensure the activewear fits perfectly on different bodies and using high quality and long lasting sustainable materials. Responsible design means also simple, practical, and multifunctional items which are timeless to be worn time after time.

Népra clothing has Oeko-tex 100 Standard Certification, meaning that no harmful chemicals are used during production and recycled polyamide is 100% from plastic waste which can be for example plastic and fishing nets collected from the oceans.

Essi ja Ama founders of Népra

sustainable activewear

Sustainable activewear

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Népra cares about what you wear. They love activewear that supports our holistic wellbeing, but they don't want your clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.

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The quality of sewing is unbelievably good, it really looks like a handmade garment.

Suvi H.

I love the fit, the material and especially the awesome color! I can only recommend it to everyone.

Ellen H.