Meet our ambassadors

We have teamed up with amazing outdoor enthusiasts who are motivated to make this planet a better place to live for all of us. Our team is a group of like-minded people from all over Europe with different backgrounds but the same interest in living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Are you passionate about the outdoors, sustainable and high-quality sportswear and social media? Great, we would love to have you joining our TestBee team!

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Our TestBees want to inspire you with their sustainable choices and active lifestyle. They share their picks, tips and tricks of our sustainable gear for making the most of the great outdoors and their favorite activities. Read on to meet them!

TestBee Jessica Bertolina

Jessica Bertolina

"Hello, I’m Jess! I’m an Italian content creator living on the Alps. I love roller skating and life outdoors, I enjoy exploring (and skating in) beautiful places. I care deeply about sustainability and our planet, I love sustainable and second hand fashion and everything diy."

Hobbies roller skating, ice skating and knitting

Sustainability in a daily life "I’m vegan, and I try to be as zero waste as possible. I try to buy from sustainable brands only, and prefer second hand options when available."

Sustainable choices are from Girlfriend Collective, Organic Basics, Patagonia, People Tree and Picture Organic

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TestBee Kaisa Honkaharju

TestBee Kaisa Honkaharju

"Hi! I'm a sprinting farmer from Central Ostrobothnia. I live in the middle of nature, which brings peace to my otherwise active personality. As a professional sprinter, I have increasingly started to consider how ecological my sportswear is. I'm looking forward to being a TestBee and tipping others as well about more sustainable sportswear."

Hobbies running, agriculture and cooking (+sharing recipes)

Sustainability in a daily life "I always make all my purchase decisions with consideration and only buy goods and clothes that I really need. The world is already so full of stuff that I don't want to promote any additional, unsustainable goods."

Sustainable choices are from GymnationNépra and Patagonia

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TestBee Tim De Mazière

Tim De Maziere

"Hello! I’m Tim and I’m from Belgium. Since 2017 I’ve been living a nomadic and sustainable lifestyle in a van together with my girlfriend Hanna (also a TestBee). I’m very passionate about outdoor sports and for me it’s really inspiring to share these moments of connectivity with nature and our physical selves. I’m happy to collaborate with Weekendbee with whom I share the same values with!"

Hobbies kitesurfing, vanlife, climbing, ski-mountaineering and whitewater kayaking

Sustainability in a daily life "We have been living in a van since 2017. Completely offgrid. On the electric side, that means we have been living of solar solely for all these years - I'm quite proud aout that actually. I wouldn't say we're vegetarians, but we very very rarely eat meat or fish. We do not buy clothes or other goods we do not need and try to make sustainable choices on the goods we buy."

Sustainable choices are from Houdini, Devold, Mons Royale, Patagonia, Picture Organic and Vaude

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TestBee Hanna Vartia

Hanna Vartia

"Hi! I’m Hanna, a Finnish girl who 4 years ago decided to change an apartment life in Helsinki to living in a van around Europe. Nature is one of my biggest sources of energy, and I love spending my free time with learning new skills in different outdoor sports. It was great to be a Weekendbee ambassador last year, and I’m excited to continue the journey!"

Hobbies vanlife, kitesurfing, climbing and whitewater kayaking

Sustainability in a daily life "I try to apply sustainability in my everyday choices: for example I barely eat meat, we like to go pick up trash on our free time and I want to buy high-quality and long-lasting items."

Sustainable choices are from Houdini, Girlfriend Collective, Mons Royale and Patagonia

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TestBee Pauliina Mäki

Pauliina Mäki
"My name is Pauliina and I’m soon 25 years old. I moved to Lapland, Ivalo, with my sled dogs, over a year ago, and it was the best decision ever! I love training, dogs, ice cream, turquoise, and performing (in front of and behind the camera). I’m easily excited about new stuff, and I like to do a lot, which certainly explains, why I compete in two different sports, which have nothing to do with each other. I compete with my sled dogs on the medium distance (MD) competition, and sometimes you may be spot me on the body fitness stage. Since moving to Lapland, nature has become even more important to me, and I want to contribute to the preservation of nature with my own choices. I think it’s so cool to be part of the Weekendbee TestBee -team, and encourage others to make better choices in their daily lives through better choices!"

Hobbies sled dogs and fitness

Sustainability in a daily life "I started recycling about a year ago, I only buy the things I need and try to choose sustainable products, I buy domestic products and food."

Sustainable choices are from Devold, Gymnation, Népra and Patagonia. Favorite piece is the Patagonia Calcite shell jacket compared with the Torrentshell pants.

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TestBee Ronja Talala

Ronja Talala

"I am Ronja, a 21-year-old adventurous young woman from Eastern Finland! My biggest passion is traveling and experiencing / seeing new things. Nature makes me happy, so outdoor activities, hiking and camping are close to my heart. While traveling in my small van, I have lived among the mountains in Switzerland, on countless beaches in Portugal, next to the vineyards in France and so many more amazing places. What the future brings I do not know, but I am sure of many new adventures!"

Hobbies vanlife, hiking, yoga and reading

Sustainability in a daily life "I try to be as sustainable as possible. Using eco-friendly products for example dish soaps, body wash etc. I also prefer brands with sustainable clothing or shop at thrift stores."

Sustainable choices are from Girlfriend Collective, Lilja the Label and Patagonia

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TestBee Fiia Ketonen

TestBee Fiia Ketonen

"I'm a 31-year old photographer and videographer, originally from South Ostrobothnia. I will be spending the next six months studying in Porto, Portugal. In the middle, I have lived in Sweden, Australia and Asia. Nowadays, I also enjoy exploring my beloved home Finland. I like to try and do a variety of different sports, but my favorite is definitely surfing. I also like to move outdoors as much as I can, for me it's the best way to relax and reset. Sustainable choices are close to my heart and I aim to improve constantly. I hope to inspire others to make those small, better choices in their life!"

Hobbies surfing and all outdoor activities

Sustainability in a daily life "Sustainable choices are reflected in my life through small daily choices; I try to choose sustainable clothes, cosmetics and food. I often choose second-hand and, if possible, also borrow from my friends. I try to make purchases only for pure need without impulse purchases. I don't own a car, so I try to walk and bike as much as I can, or use public transport. I also think it’s important to stay open minded to development and constantly try to learn more about a more sustainable lifestyle."

Sustainable choices are from Devold, Lilja the Label, Patagonia and Vai-ko. Favorite pieces are merino wool running clothes from Devold and flannels, shell jackets and pants from Patagonia.

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TestBee Ida Sinisalo-Peltonen

TestBee Ida

"Hey! My name is Ida, and I spend a lot of time playing beach volleyball. It has given me the opportunity to see amazing places and different kinds of natures and cultures. I’m definitely a summer person, but the peace of winters has lately felt amazing. I dream of being partly self-sufficient, and since 80% of flowering plants need pollination, my journey begins from BEES <3 I will be a beekeeper this summer, and I'm beyond excited about it!!! I will share my bee hive journey with you. Playing beach volley brings up emotions, adrenalin and the competitive - sometimes talkative side of me. But outside the court I would describe myself as a calm but cheerful person that loves rather deep conversations and falls quite awkward with small-talk. The older Im getting, the more I have started to enjoy simple things in life, favorites being: Morning coffee, sun ray on surfaces, sauna after being outdoors, watching animals play, cooking and trying new recipes."

Hobbies beach volley, surfing, yoga, weightlifting, hiking, skiing, outdoor living and soon beekeeping

Sustainability in a daily life "I only buy stuff I need, but nothing else. And I always check how and where it is made. I eat local foods, mostly vegetarian. I recycle everything. When traveling, I compensate my carbon footprint. I use bicycle a LOT and love it. :)"

Sustainable choices are from Girlfriend Collective, Népra and Patagonia. Favorite pieces are the Népra Terra Tights, the Juno Longsleeve, Devold's sweaters and all the tops and shorts from Girlfriend Collective. "There won't go a day when I'm not wearing something from above. Sustainable and comfortable, cute colors describe my wardrobe the best."

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