Keli Clothing - 100 % Merino Wool Sustainable Sportswear Made in Finland

Keli Clothing logo

Keli is a Finnish outdoor clothing brand focusing on merino wool, a natural fiber packed with qualities that make it ideal for sportswear. 

Sanni and Timo, the founders of Keli are both into mountain biking enduro where Timo has been competing also in international level. They are the real experts in cycling clothing since after years of dealing with smelly sports clothing they decided to find more natural and ecological solution for their cycling wear. This is how the sustainable 100% merino wool clothing brand Keli was founded.

Keli clothes are designed by Keli and the manufacturing happens in Kitee, Eastern Finland in an old Marimekko factory. Sanni and Timo are happy to see that there are still skillful sewers in Finland and that they are able to produce high-quality merino clothing in their home county. 

In Finnish, the word “Keli” means the weather conditions of a road or a path. The colors for the collection comes from Finnish nature, and the northern landscape has inspired the designs.

Sustainability is the key value for Keli. Their production chain is kept short and transparent and the clothes are made with care in Finland. The fabric is made in Italy from a no-mulesing and ZQ certified wool originally from New Zealand. Keli´s mission is to produce durable, multi-use and ethical clothing from natural fibers.

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