We aim to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. We monitor and report our annual carbon footprint in our Sustainability Report.

For the 2021 carbon footprint calculations, we received help from Greenstep's sustainability experts.

Weekendbee's carbon footprint has been calculated according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Weekendbee has a small carbon footprint due to the many choices we make in the value chain.

Weekendbee's own operations do not produce direct carbon emissions (scope 1) and indirect emissions from energy consumption (scope 2). This is possible because we do not have separate offices and our employees have the flexibility to work remotely from home. There is therefore no energy and fuel consumption associated with offices and employee commuting.

By assessing our value chain, we identified the most relevant impacts that affect our indirect emissions (scope 3). These Scope 3 categories are:
- Purchased goods and services
- Commuting to work
- Leased assets upstream in the value chain
- Transport and distribution downstream of the value chain

For more information on the carbon emissions of our operations, see our Sustainability Report.

Our operations are based on a commitment to carbon neutral business. Emissions that we are unable to eliminate, we offset either through Gold Standard certified, international projects or domestic projects.

Our 2021 emissions of 9006 kg CO2e will be offset by planting 43 seedlings in partnership with Taimiteko.

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