Aevor - Sustainable Backpacks - Insight Into The Process


German Aevor, backpack brand, is working hard to ensure that all their backpacks are high quality, durable and produced responsibly. New objectives are developed annually that improve the cooperative and transparent partnership with our suppliers and sewing rooms.

Aevor has a strong focus on

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FAIR WEAR ensures fair work conditions

Aevor bags are made in a factories of highest Fair wear certification in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Italy and Portugal. 

Aevor is committed to improving the working conditions of the people who make the products that they sell. That is why they are a leading member of Fair Wear, an organisation that helps brands making step-by-step improvements.

Fair Wear encourages and provides support for the brands to work together with their suppliers to ensure the factories they use are safe, and workers benefit from fair labour conditions. Fair Wear collaborates with factories, other brands, and other industry stakeholders on practical and innovative measures so together they can change the garment industry. 

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