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June 04, 2021 6 min read

Searching for the best sustainable bike shorts?

Biker what? If you are late to the party (like we kind of were), bike shorts or biker shorts are sort of a combination of leggings and shorts. A little bit over the knee length, leggings like, tight material but comfortable active wear. And not only for sports and definitely not only for biking, but really for everyday wear.

In this blog post Weekendbee's TestBees Anna and Ida will be comparing 7 different sustainably made bike shorts from Weekendbee's collection. Enjoy!

1. Girlfriend Collective - Bike Shorts

GC Bike Shorts
We are both 178 cm tall and wear size M.


These Girlfriend Collective Bike Shorts have it all -  high waist, comfortable fabric and flattering cut. We listed below, why they are our top choice:

  • Comfortable material
  • Fits nicely
  • High waist
  • Lovely color options
  • Breathable fabric
  • Made from recycled bottles - how cool is that?
  • Squat proof
  • Regular fit

When to wear?

These Bike Shorts by Girlfriend Collective are perfect for the gym, walk in the park, yoga or just for hanging around. We even play beach volleyball in them. If you want a pair that works great for active stuff but also want to wear them in everyday life, this is your choice.

GC Float Bike Shorts

We are both 178 cm tall and wear the size M.

When you put these Girlfriend Collective Float High-Rise Bike Shorts on, you know thy the name is "Float". They are so comfortable it almost feels like you aren't wearing anything, almost just floating around. ;)

Needless to say, these bikers are extra comfortable.

  • Summery color options
  • Ultra light
  • Very comfortable and soft material
  • High waist
  • Made from recycled bottles - still very cool!
  • Dries fast
  • Regular fit
  • Seamless
  • Fun little hidden pocket for keys and cards

When to wear?

Our choice would be yoga, walking and everyday hanging. Very breathable so they are comfortable to wear. We even wore these Float High-Rise Bike Shorts to beach volleyball practice, so they work great when doing a bit heavier exercising.

3. Girlfriend Collective - High-Rise Pocket Bike Shorts

GC Pocket Bike Shorts

Ida is 178 cm tall and wears the size S.

These cuties are very similar to the Bike Shorts by Girlfriend Collective, but now you have pockets! Comfortable material, more compressive fabric and "normal" length makes these High-Rise Pocket Bike Shorts a perfect choice for anything.

  • Pockets are a fun add (iPhone 11 or bigger phone won't fit this pocket)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High waist
  • Waist is a bit more compressive than in the Float Bike Shorts
  • Flattering cut and seams
  • Squat proof
  • Made from recycled bottles
  • One color available - black
  • Runs a bit large

When to wear?

This style is great for activities such as running, walking, gym, crossfit, yoga, hiking etc. This is the model you want have if you are looking to combine everything in one bike shorts. 

4. Girlfriend Collective - Bike Unitard

GC Bike Unitard

Ida is 178 cm tall and wears the size S, but she has a short back.

This Girlfriend Collective Bike Unitard is a dream! It stays on place, in whatever activity you are into. Walking on hands, yoga, dancing - you name it.

  • Loveable open U back
  • Extra comfortable
  • You don't need a bra under this unitard
  • Seamless
  • Made from recycled bottles (do you see a pattern here;))
  • One color available - black

When to wear?

As stated above, you can wear this Bike Unitard in anything where you feel frustrated with your clothes getting in your way. Downward-facing dog pose, weightlifting, rowing, dancing etc. Anytime you want to concentrate on doing and not correcting your leggings or top. Ida's favorite! 

5. Organic Basics - Active Yoga Shorts

OB Active Yoga Shorts

Anna is 178 cm tall and wears the size M/L.

Organic Basics never lets you down. These Active Yoga Shorts by Organic Basics are a bit shorter and remind us more of a regular short length. They are super comfortable since they are seamless. Let's list down some facts.

  • Seamless
  • Breathable
  • Fun color options!
  • Length is short
  • Comfortable waist
  • Made from recycled nylon
  • Perfect for yoga or hanging at home
  • Regular fit

When to wear?

As the name refers, yoga mat is the place to wear these cuties. Of course, you can wear them wherever you like, but our tip is on your yoga mat. Seamless design makes them comfortable and unique. We will wear these Active Yoga Shorts at home and when hanging out in the Downward-facing dog pose.

6. Népra - Mimas Biker Shorts

Népra Mimas Biker Shorts

Ida is 178 cm tall and wears the size M.

These Mimas Biker Shorts by the Finnish brand Népra are very comfortable. The fabric is a bit more elastic compared to the bike shorts by Girlfriend Collective. These feel soft and the waist is comfortable. The length is longer and they almost reach to your knee.

  • Only one seam on both outer sides
  • Very comfortable
  • Two color options
  • Great for any sports, yoga or just hanging out
  • Extra soft material
  • Squat proof
  • Regular fit

When to wear?

Wear this model anywhere! To the gym, the beach, to the shops, home, run in a park - you name it! Combine with sports bra, a cute top or why not a summer jacket. As described, the Mimas Biker Shorts are definitely a multipurpose shorts. ;)

7. Népra - Fera Biker Shorts

Népra Fera Biker Shorts

Anna is 178 cm tall and wears the size M.

The Népra Fera Biker Shorts are super comfortable and nice and tight. These are perfect for heavier workouts - say hello to our new favorites!

  • Compressive
  • Nice material
  • Regular fit
  • Squat proof
  • Over the knee length 
  • Perfect for gym
  • High waist
  • Logo placed high in front

When to wear?

This pair is our new favorite for gym workouts and lifting weights. Why not to wear them when biking and running as well! No matter where you wear them, if sweat is guaranteed this is your best pick!


8. Lilja the Label - Ribbed Bikers

Lilja the Label Ribbed Bikers

Ida is 178 cm tall and wears the size M.

Lilja the Label is know for the cute, sustainable bikinis and one pieces, but this time we tried on their activewear. The material on these Ribbed Bikers is as the name says "ripped" and they feel very comfortable. The waist is a bit lower and tight compared to the Népra bike shorts or Girlfriend Collective bike shorts. Fun pair to wear when you are doing yoga or going for a walk.

  • The fabric is thick
  • Quite tight fit
  • Tight waistband highlights your curves
  • Ripped top layer material
  • "Normal" length
  • Great for yoga
  • Two color options

When to wear?

Wear these Lilja the Label Ribbed Bikers while doing yoga or maybe hanging out at home or with friends. Why not do some heavier exercising as well, but to our taste the waistband isn't as comfortable as the other bikers have. Very cute design with a cute detailed wooden Lilja the Label logo on the side.

9. Gymnation - High-Waist Biker Shorts

Gymnation High-Waist Biker Shorts

Anna is 178 cm tall and wears the size M. 

These Gymnation High-Waist Biker Shorts are perfect for any activity. These tight, soft and flattering bikers are comfortable and of course, looks stylish!

  • Logo placed in the back
  • Comfortable material
  • Tight fit
  • High waist
  • Perfect for any activity
  • Stylish
  • No seams

When to wear?

As mentioned, these babes are great for all activities. We wear them at volleyball practice, at the gym and in a yoga studio. Okay, and sometimes just wearing them while hanging around the home. Perfect for everything! Combine with Gymnation's Muscle Crop Top

Other Biker models:

Houdini Adventure Tricot Shorts

Houdin Adventure Tricot Shorts are the perfect choice if you're looking for multi-purpose biker shorts for running, training, yoga, climbing or hiking. These bikers also feature pockets and a drawstring waistband. 

  • High waist
  • Smaller than normal sizing, if you are in between sizes we recommend you choose a larger size
  • Moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Drawstring waist!
  • Pockets
  • Fully recyclable material


Tentree Inmotion bikeshorts

These Tentree Inmotion shorter-leg bikers are a great choice for things like cycling, downward facing dog and drinking coffee. 

  • Slightly shorter leg 17.4cm (6 ¾")
  • Flexible material
  • 2 hidden waist pockets

People Tree pocketed bike shorts

People Tree's pocketed comfortably soft and breathable bikers are made from organic cotton and are suitable for a wide range of sports and also work great for everyday wear.

  • Organic cotton
  • Thick and high waistband
  • Soft and opaque fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Pockets


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The authors: Weekendbeen TestBeet and beach volleyball playersAnnaand Ida