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November 12, 2020 2 min read

We all know the unpleasant feeling of slip on the yoga mat. In many cases we blame the mat but there is a lot we as yogis can do to prevent the slip happening. 


Slip can make demanding flow asanas even more demanding and it can cause injuries, so it's important know, how we can prevent slip. Together with Manduka we have gathered our tips: How to prevent slipping on yoga mat.

1. Right technique prevents slipping

For example in downward dog it's important to spread the weight equally to hands and feet to prevent slipping. Also spreading your fingers and toes helps to keep the better balance. 

Even the smallest changes in your posture can help with slipping so we recommend you consult your yoga teacher if you encounter a lot of slipping in some specific asana. 

2. Keep your core engaged

Strong and active core helps you to keep the correct posture in asanas and prevents slipping. 
Keeping the core relaxed can cause unnecessary pressure to joints and places in your body which are not ready for it. To train your core during the practice, suck your belly in at the end when breathing out. 


3. The more you use your mat, the less it will slip

New mats tend to slip more, so the more you use your mat, the less it will slip. How to speed up the process? Practising more!


4. Use the right products to clean your mat 

Regular cleaning products tent to leave a film on top of surfaces and in this case on your mat. This film can cause slipping.

We recommend using specific products to clean your mat to keep it film-free. Mat wash sprays are easy and quick to use to clean your mat after each practice. 

Yoga mat should be washed by wiping it with wet cloth and a specific mat wash spray. Don't put your mat in to washing machine or don't soak it in water for example in shower. 


5. Skip lotions and body oils before the practice

Lotions and oils can end up on top of your mat and make it slippery.


6. Use a yoga towel

Especially if you tend to sweat a lot we recommend using a yoga towel. A towel can prevent the slipping by absorbing the sweat. Also a towel will protect your mat from the sweat and make your mat last a lot longer. Towel helps you to keep your practice more hygienic because it's easier to wash the towel after each practice than washing the mat. 


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