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Nothing new anymore, that fashion is one of the most polluting industries on this planet. They say that about 84% of textiles end up in the landfill, within the first year of purchasing it!

As skiers and snowboarders, we are connected to the environment, but our gear and habits can sometimes live in conflict with environmental ideals. While living and recreating will always have a give and take with environmentalism, one way we can reduce our impact is by purchasing gear from companies that produce sustainably at the forefront.

We would like to feature manufacturers that choose manufacturing and production practices based on low environmental impact and fair labor. These are the kind of brands we would like to support, brands that stand on the right side of history as we battle climate change.

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What does sustainable ski and snowboard wear look like? 

sustainable ski wear


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The area of sustainability covers issues as child labor, fair wages for workers, environmentally preferred materials such asorganic cotton, banning hazardous and toxic chemicals and thereduction of carbon emissions! No company is perfect, when we look for perfection, we always come back disappointed. But we have to give kudos to the brands that are trying to do their best!

So, what are we looking for, when it comes to sustainable ski brands?

  • The durability of the materials
  • Sustainability and production of the materials
  • People behind the brand - what do they promote?
  • Fair work conditions
  • Charities and organizations the company supports (if any)

The winter season has started. And when you are hitting the slopes this winter, protect yourself from the cold in ski wear that is both sustainable and stylish!

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Picture Organic Sustainable Ski Clothing

women ski jacket

From the very beginning,  Picture Organic has been focused on sustainability. They had always used entirely organic, recycled, or responsibly-sourced materials. Their goal has been to create new, technical fabrics from plant-based sources to reduce the reliance on petroleum-built materials.


men's ski wear

snowboarder Janne Lipsanen

 Picture Organic ambassadors as Finnish snowboarder Janne Lipsanen share the same values and motivation
as Picture with regard to the environment and to implementing sustainable alternatives.

sustainable snowboard jacket

ADVENTURE LINE! Picture Organic designs stylish and sustainable ski jackets and pants comfortable in the mountains. 

Easy to say, Picture Organic is changing the industry. From board shorts made out of recycled plastic bottles, ski helmets made from corn-based polymer and a liner from discarded automobile dashboards, and a neoprene-free wetsuit.

Their solar-powered French headquarters and factories run on renewable energy, switching to bio-sourced and compostable poly bags in their packaging and they shipping products via the least impactful modes of transportation possible.

Patagonia - Takes Your Ski Clothing To A Next Level

sustainable skiwear patagonia

Patagonia’s mission statement is simple. They’re in business to save the planet. Focusing on outdoor apparel that keeps you warm, by using their business to inspire and implement solutions to environmental issues, causing no unnecessary harm to the world, and building the best possible products for the lovers of the outdoors. Their items are truly meant to stand the test of time and are great to buy second hand.

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With skiing and snowboarding moving to the backcountry world, Patagonia has been able to move into the sport, engineering and manufacturing apparel tested by top athletes in the most extreme conditions on the planet, becoming one of the leading sustainable sports brands.


patagonia lasketteluvaatteet

Patagonia's winter jackets are perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Made either from ethical down or recycled polyester the layers will keep you happy and toasty. Test out also Patagonia's back bags  made from recycled materials on your next ski tour!

patagonia lasketteluvaatteet

What would winter be without a warm fleece?
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Mons Royale's Mulesing-Free Merino Clothing Keep You Warm And Dry 

sustainable skiwear

Mons Royale base layers are exactly what you need to ride in style this season!


We know how important a brand’s sustainability is, and Mons Royale high performing base layers are one of the best out there! Ethically grown, mulesing-free, natural, biodegradable and sustainable, their merino is soft and ultra-breathable! Mons Royale underwear and base layers regulate your temperature in winter and summer, besides that, they also dry very quickly!


Dressing in layers is essential on any cold ski day. On top of the mountain,
it may be windy and cold, and you need to be prepared for this.
Mons Royale's merino wool shirts, tops, underwear, and pants will keep you warm no matter what!

merinowool socks
Both your feet will be fresh in these Mons Royale's sweet merino socks.
They'll stay in place, and cushion your feet as you stomp the landing. 

More and more brands are utilizing new innovative fabrics, natural fibers, and recycled materials to create warm winter sports clothing that is designed with both performance and the planet in mind.

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Performance and extreme weather clothing come with a long list of requirements to ensure that it keeps you warm and dry while remaining breathable and functional, and these can sometimes be at odds with sustainable materials and values.  

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