Stiksen sustainability - product page

Stiksen is a Stockholm-based brand focusing on premium caps. From the start, Stiksen have been about bringing people together and unite different cultures. Since the founders of Stiksen have been asked to take off their ball caps several times (too many to count) throughout their lives, they soon realized that the cap is much more than a piece of clothing; it’s a statement.

The cap industry has traditionally been led by mass production and licensees. By paying full attention to the cap as a product, Stiksen wants to perfect it in terms of style, quality and sustainability. They use 100% organic cotton in their caps and the cap factory's employees work 8 hours a day with overtime pay, have vacations, free medical service at site and insurances, among other benefits. In addition to the cap factory, Stiksen places their raw material orders with non-profit organization Thanapara Swallows to help marginal Bangladeshi women gain economic and social awareness for better living standards.