Repair and care

We strongly encourage product repair and maintenance to extend the product life cycle and reduce the carbon footprint.

Some of our brands offer repair and maintenance services in addition to the standard product warranty. Click here for more information:




Picture Organic


You'll also find a wide range of products for clothing care, maintenance and repair. For example, you can easily repair your clothes with our Fab Patches, which you can find here!

See all our care and maintenance products here.

REPAIR YOUR CLOTHES THROUGH THE MENDDIE SERVICE (Finland only) is the online marketplace for clothing repairs and maintenance in Finland. Through them you will find a comprehensive range of service providers for everything from small repair needs to more challenging alterations. Shipping is conveniently handled by Matkahuolto, meaning your clothes travel to the repairer from wherever you are.

With the discount code "Bee20" you get 20% off your first order.

You can also always contact our customer service if you need help with product repair or maintenance.