Recycled wool

Recycled wool is natural fiber made from industry leftover fabrics or old woolen clothes.

Why recycled wool?

When selecting woolen garments it is always best to select recycled wool, organic wool or organic merino wool.

Most of the wool used by the garment industry is produced in Australia, New Zealand and China. In large farms, animal welfare is not always the number one priority. But it is also possible to find wool that is cruelty-free. Different certificates are a good way to be sure that wool is produced ethically and is cruelty-free. 


Merino wool is commonly used because of its quality and softness. Merino wool used in our collections is always mulesing-free. Mulesing is an operation where strips of wool-bearing skin are removed around the breech of sheep. This is a painful surgical procedure. ZQ certificate informs that sheeps are handled well and no mulesing is done.

Sustainable woolen choices are:

  • Recycled wool
  • Organic wool
  • Mulesing-free merino wool