Pure Waste - apparel from 100 % recycled textiles

Pure Waste logo

Pure Waste is a Finnish textile company producing ecologically sustainable yarns, fabrics and ready-made garments using only materials that would otherwise go to waste. Their inspiration comes from the Nordic tradition of recycling and the clean and pure environment of native Finland. Pure Waste mission is to industrialize textile upcycling globally as a common practice.

Manufacturing of the textiles happens in Tiruppur area of southern India where the factory employs people from the nearby village and the eldest of the village is also the head of the factory. To ensure that the standards are fulfilled, one of the Pure Waste shareholders is Indian. He is also responsible for the daily operations in India. 

Pure Waste is focused on working with cotton since it´s most used but least recycled fabric. Growing cotton requires huge amounts of water and in most cases lots of chemicals.

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