Patagonia UPF 50+ Voluntary Recall

Patagonia Voluntary Recall

Some of Patagonia 50+ UPF styles missed the mark

Here’s what you need to know.

We recently discovered that some styles from the Capilene® Cool Daily and the Tropic Comfort ranges - two of our Patagonia® sun protection lines - do not meet the 50+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating we claimed for them.
50+ UPF blocks 97.5% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Our tests confirm a range of 17 to 45 UPF, averaging 34 UPF. The good news is that even at 17 UPF, the products block 92% of ultraviolet rays. The bad news is that we haven’t delivered on our goal to offer you the highest level of sun protection. We’ve stopped distribution of the affected styles and removed them from sale until we can fix the problem.

If you own one of these products, please know: They still offer good to very good UV protection. To date, we have not received any complaints about these styles with regards to sun protection.

Choose to Keep or Return

You’re free to keep using yours, but if you‘d like to make a return, we’ve made it easy to do so here. Not sure if you have one of these products? Check below for a list of the affected products and photos of their neck labels.

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We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

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List of impacted styles: 



Cap Cool Daily Sun Mask


M's L/S Cap Cool Daily Shirt


W's L/S Cap Cool Daily Shirt


M's L/S Cap Cool Daily Graphic Shirt


W's L/S Cap Cool Daily Graphic Shirt


M's Cap Cool Daily Shirt


W's Cap Cool Daily Shirt


M's Cap Cool Daily Graphic Shirt


W's Cap Cool Daily Graphic Shirt


M's Cap Cool Daily Hoody


W's Cap Cool Daily Hoody


M's Cap Cool Daily Graphic Hoody


W's Cap Cool Daily Graphic Hoody


M's L/S Cap Cool Daily Fish Graphic Shirt


Baby Cap Cool Daily Crew


Baby Cap Cool Daily Sun Hoody


Baby Cap Cool Daily T-Shirt


Boys' L/S Cap Cool Daily T-Shirt


Girls' L/S Cap Cool Daily T-Shirt


Girls' Cap Cool Daily Sun Hoody


Boys' Cap Cool Daily Sun Hoody


W's L/S Sol Patrol Shirt


M's Tropic Comfort Mask Hoody


W's Tropic Comfort Hoody


M's Tropic Comfort 1/4 Zip


W's Tropic Comfort Crew


M's Tropic Comfort Crew II


M's Tropic Comfort Hoody II


Boys' Capilene® Cool Daily T-Shirt



Frequently Asked Questions




What is UPF and what does it do?


Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) represents the level of ultraviolet (UV) protection a garment provides. UPF fabric ratings are determined through third-party laboratory testing, and the higher the number, the better the protection the garment provides. The most widely used standards for UPF are the US Standard (ASTM D6603) and the European Standard (EN 13758). Patagonia uses the stricter European Standard as well as Australian/New Zealand test methods AS/NZS 4399 or AATCC 183 to ensure consistency in our labeling of UPF products.


What is UV?


UV light is the spectrum of light that is emitted by the sun as well as some artificial sources, such as tanning beds. UV light is primarily comprised of UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are known to cause sunburns and contribute to causing skin cancers. UVA rays are known to penetrate more deeply into the skin and are nearly 500 times more common than UVB in sunlight. Because sunlight contains far more UVA rays, it is important to protect your skin from its damaging effects.


What do the UPF ratings mean?


Here’s a breakdown of the UPF ratings and the protection they indicate*:


- A rating of 50+ UPF means that only 1/50 (2%) of UV rays are penetrating the fabric to reach your skin. That means the fabric is protecting you from 98% of UV rays.


- A rating of 30 UPF means that only 1/30 (3%) of UV rays are penetrating the fabric to reach your skin. That means the fabric is protecting you from 97% of UV rays.


- A rating of 15 UPF means that 1/15 (~7%) of UV rays are penetrating the fabric to reach your skin. That means the fabric is protecting you from nearly 93% of UV rays.

So if our Capilene® Cool Daily and Tropic Comfort styles range from 17–45 UPF, why do we say those styles only block 92% of UV rays? We wanted to err on the side of caution.


*Source: US Standard ASTM D6603


Can you tell me the UPF value of my specific product so I can decide whether I want to keep it?


This is tricky. In a perfect world, this is exactly what we would do. Unfortunately, we’re receiving inconsistent UPF values (ranging from 17–45 UPF) from different samples of undyed base fabrics tested at the factory. Therefore, we’re refraining from stating UPF values for specific styles and colors on Capilene® Cool Daily and Tropic Comfort fabrics.


What if I cut the tag out, or I can’t find the style number? 


If you cut the tag out of your product or if you can’t find the style number, you can still make a return. 


If we can keep using the products, why is it a 'recall'? And who initiated the recall? 


We decided to initiate this voluntary recall, once we discovered these products didn’t live up to what had been claimed. We never want our customers to feel misled, and we always aim to build the very best product.  


How did this happen?  


In May 2021, we discovered the issue through our own tests and we then had this confirmed by an independent laboratory. These recent UPF tests contradicted our earlier results (which had indicated that the materials exceeded 70 UPF.) Our initial testing was done during the material development process and prior to the Spring 2019 product release. However, we didn’t test again after the garments were made at the factory. We are changing our processes so this doesn’t happen again. 


How long will it take to receive my refund? 


If you purchased your product from a Patagonia retails store and return in a Patagonia store, our retail team can help you process your return and refund.

If you purchased your product directly from, and you complete your return online, the normal refund return time applies.

If you purchased your product from a non-Patagonia retail store or website, refunds will take 6 to 8 weeks after the completion of your return through our online return form.

As we are handling a higher volume of returns at this time, please note that our return transit and processing times may be affected. We thank you for your patience as we try to process your return as quickly as possible.


What is Patagonia planning to do with the unsold and returned products? 


We will either correct the labelling or we’ll recycle / repurpose the products through our Worn Wear programme. Rest assured, landfill is not an option.