Patagonia - Traceable Down Standard - certified by NSF

Patagonia is the world’s first brand to be certified to both the Responsible Wool Standard and the Traceable Down Standard.

Patagonia Traceable Down is traced from parent farm to apparel factory to help ensure that the birds that supply it are protected by the strongest animal welfare and consumer assurance standards. These include robust requirements in all areas of the birds’ lives, and especially protects against force-feeding and live-plucking.

Patagonia began working in 2007 to trace our down supply chain in the interest of sound animal welfare. Since fall 2014, all of the virgin down we use to insulate our products has met our own Patagonia Traceable Down Standard. In our Fall 2017 product season, we went a step further and announced that all our virgin down was also certified to the Global Traceable Down Standard (Global TDS), Advanced certification level by NSF International.

In 2018, Patagonia went even further and achieved certification at the brand level, becoming the first outdoor brand to be certified to the Advanced Global Traceable Down Standard. This added level of certification covers our internal product traceability systems as well as our distribution center. This allows certification of not only the down material in our products but the full final product itself.

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