Népra - Sustainable Activewear - Insight Into The Process


You might know the Finnish brand Népra from it's comfortable yoga leggings, soft tops and high-performance activewear for crossfitters and sports people.

Népra's ethical manufacturing in the garment industry and beyond respects the human and animal rights during the whole supply chain from raw materials to recycling the item after its worn out.

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Kamilla is Népra's activewear (tights, tops, tees) manufacturing partner in Estonia. The company was founded in Tallinn in 1991. They have worked together since 2015.

Népra speaks for manufacturing inside Europe because of its great benefits. However, no financial advantage should come at the cost of somebody's private life.

Népra is a small brand with a team of two ladies without huge budgets. For them, small batches and short distances aren't only practical reasons, but these factors line up perfectly with their ecological values too. Also, from the day they started, they wanted to create a real partnership with their manufacturing. For these reasons, producing in Estonia was a natural choice for Népra from the beginning.

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Népra's lazywear made by Finnish Pure Waste in India

Népra's recyled lazywear items are made by a Finnish company called Pure Waste whose tees and sweaters also sold at Weekendbee. Pure Waste produces responsibly in their own facilities in India. The company was born in 2014 on sustainable values.

Pure Waste factory is located in Tamil Nadu, India, where they provide fair, safe and legal working conditions. They use 90% renewable energy and 100% recycled materials but zero harmful chemicals. Pure Waste's fantastic innovation is to use cutting waste as their raw material, as the textile waste after cutting items is 10-25%. 

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Carvico /Jersey Lomellina is a fabric company from which Népra sources their activewear materials. The company is located in northern Italy.

All Népra's activewear materials have Oekotex standard 100 certifications, which means no harmful chemicals are used in the fabric making process.

Care Labels & Logo labels from Finland

Népra orders their labels and ribbons from Tuotenauha from Lahti, Finland. The labels are customised for us in Lahti (e.g. printed).

See Népra's full collection of leggings, tops and shirts for active women and men >>