Langbrett sustainability - product page

Langbrett is a German company, which has developed into a community for sustainable minded people in it's homeland. Besides ecological shoes, they produce also surf-, skate- and outdoor clothing, organize events and have developed the Guppyfriend washing bag to fight the microplastics.

Langbrett's shoes are made from recycled materials, and they are fully recyclable, so the production is circular. They use only chrome-free, vegetable tanned leather and the soles are made of recycled natural rubber and/or recycled cork. Langbrett doesn't use EVA, chemicals or whiteners, and their shoes don't shed microplastics, as there isn't any plastics used.

Langbrett produces their shoes in Portugal, and their factory is Fair Wear certified. The employees are paid above the average and they have social security. The factory runs on wind power and the whole production and recycling happens near to each other, so the transportation is also as minimal as possible.

Langbrett's shoes are unisex, so there is no need to produce double amount of shoes to fullfill customers' needs.