Houdini's sustainability - product page


Houdini uses fabrics that are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign certified. From the Spring 2021 100% of their fabrics fulfill this promise. Houdini doesn’t use harmful chemicals in their production and they have reached the Bluesign chemical standards. They encourage the longevity of their products by offering a repair service, and when the garment is totally worn out, you can return it to them for recycling, or for example compost it if it’s biodegradable.

Social Conditions

Manufacturing at Houdini mainly takes place at selected and specialized European manufacturing partners in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Their fabrics are sourced mainly from Japan, Taiwan and Italy. Houdini is following buying practices that enable living wages and good labour conditions, such as long-term relations with factories, and concentrating production at a limited number of factories


Houdini has the goal to use 100% renewable energy by 2030. They already manufacture all their products from recycled and recyclable or renewable and naturally biodegradable fibers, and work to integrate regenerative materials such as waste from land, ocean or air turned into resource has been initiated.

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