Emmy X Weekendbee

emmy x weekendbee

Finland's largest online store for second-hand branded clothing, shoes and accessories - Emmy and Weekendbee in partnership!

We've been thinking a lot about the life cycle of clothing, and how to extend it. The first step, of course, is to buy quality, durable clothes that are fit for purpose. The second step is to care for them properly so that they last and maintain their quality for a long time. Sometimes a garment comes to the end of its life and should be recycled if possible, but what if a garment is in a good condition and just sits in a closet? 

We wanted to solve this problem, and we are happy and proud to offer our customers the opportunity to recycle their outdoor and sports clothing in good condition at Emmy (only in Finland)!

As a WeekendBee customer, you can send your sale items to Emmy with free shipping (normally €6.90) with code EMMYBEE2022. If you choose to take your sale proceeds as a WeekendBee gift card, you will receive 10% extra value on your gift card!

Emmy - always something good in your closet

Emmy is Finland's largest online store for second-hand branded clothing, shoes, accessories and sunglasses for women, men and children. They have around 80,000 hand-inspected quality products and add thousands of great new items every week.

Emmy's heart beats for quality clothing, inspiring finds, easy-to-clean wardrobes and reducing emissions.

How do I get my product on Emmy?

Selling used products couldn't be simpler! 

All you have to do is select and package the items you want to sell, fill out a consignment and deliver the package to Emmy. With the code EMMYBEE2022 you get free shipping.

1. Start by reading claim and packaging guide

2.Fill in the referral, it only takes a few minutes!

3. Choose the delivery method that suits you and send your parcel

4. You will receive an email notification when your package has arrived at Emmy and the next time your products are released for sale

5. Track the sales of your products by visiting your Emmy-page

The sales commission is paid at the end of the month following the sale. By choosing your sales revenue for a Weekendbee gift card, you get an additional +10% benefit on your revenue!

Learn more about our partnership and explore Emmy's amazing range!